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Reese Barton

Season 2023, Ep. 332

Reese Barton, a devoted Christian and former law enforcement professional was born and raised in the vibrant city of Detroit, Michigan. As the youngest of two children, Reese's early years were shaped by the teachings of God, and he accepted Christ as his saviour at the tender age of seven. This spiritual foundation became a constant presence in his life, guiding him through the ups and downs ahead.

An avid reader and writer from a young age, Reese's educational journey took him into the realm of criminal justice after high school. He earned his AAS from Schoolcraft College and furthered his academic pursuits with a BS and MSBA from Madonna University in Livonia, Michigan. In June of 2018, he proudly graduated from the prestigious Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command, marking a significant milestone in his law enforcement career.

With over 26 years of dedicated service, Reese climbed the ranks to retire as a respected police lieutenant on July 1, 2022. Throughout his career, God remained a steadfast companion, but it was in recent years that Reese deepened his understanding of the importance of a daily relationship with Christ. He discovered that building a solid foundation through daily Bible reading and prayer was the key to experiencing God's grace, love, and forgiveness.

Reese rekindled his passion for writing post-retirement, embarking on a new chapter in his life. He now channels his creativity into a series of Christian fiction novels, each highlighting different facets of faith. Grounded in the truth that Jesus Christ is Lord, Reese's fictional stories echo the biblical wisdom that those who "wait on the Lord shall renew their strength."

Salvation Blue, Reese's debut novel, kicks off this inspiring series, emphasizing that salvation is the foundational step toward a faith-based life. Beyond his literary pursuits, Reese's personal life is equally fulfilling. He met his beloved wife, Crystal, at Dunkin Donuts, and they joyously tied the knot in August 2008. Their home is filled with love, two spoiled German shepherds, and the laughter of their two-year-old grandson, who never fails to bring joy.

In their free time, Reese and Crystal indulge in their shared passions, including travelling, exploring northern Michigan wine country, and cheering for Detroit sports teams. An avid sports fan himself, Reese also enjoys playing golf. As he continues to explore the limitless facets of faith through his writing, Reese Barton remains a testament to a life guided by God, family, and the pursuit of purpose.

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