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Joe Robinson

Season 2023, Ep. 350

Joe Robinson, the visionary founder of Mindful Money, LLC, is a passionate advocate for transforming lives through the intersection of mindfulness, an ownership mindset, and smart money management. His mission is to empower individuals impacted by the criminal legal system, helping them transcend financial challenges and embark on a journey toward long-term financial security.

Born and raised in the heart of East New York, Brooklyn, Joe's formative years were shaped by the harsh realities of the crack era's impact on his community. This challenging environment not only instilled resilience but also exposed him to the profound consequences of economic disparity and financial illiteracy.

Joe's transformative journey includes a period of incarceration, an experience that ignited a fervent desire to reach out to those facing similar circumstances upon release. His unwavering commitment to improving the financial well-being of individuals impacted by the criminal legal system drives his relentless pursuit of normalizing conversations about money.

Mindful Money, LLC, founded by Joe Robinson, goes beyond teaching financial concepts; it catalyzes a profound shift in money mindsets, nurtures healthy relationships with money, and provides the tools and knowledge necessary for wise financial decisions and investments.

Joe's dedication to his mission has led him to teach hundreds of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals the principles of personal finance, the art of cultivating a wealth mindset, and the essence of entrepreneurship. His nationally-recognized book, "Think Outside the Cell: An Entrepreneurs' Guide for the Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated," serves as a beacon of hope and knowledge, offering a path to financial independence and success.

In Joe Robinson, we find a leader whose life experiences have become the catalyst for positive change, inspiring others to overcome adversity and build a secure financial future. His journey from the challenges of East New York to the forefront of financial education exemplifies the transformative power of mindfulness, ownership, and smart money management.

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  • 43. Jordyn Marlys

    Jordyn Marlys is an accomplished and resilient independent female artist hailing originally from Alexandria, Minnesota, though she spent her formative years in Green Bay, Wisconsin. From the young age of 8, she found solace and passion in music, lending her voice to numerous church and school choirs. Despite her early musical inclination, Jordyn's life took a tumultuous turn when, in 2016, a back injury abruptly ended her promising career as a competitive gymnast and water skier.Undeterred by adversity, Jordyn turned to music as her beacon of hope during challenging times. Battling through a life-threatening eating disorder that emerged in the wake of her athletic setback, she sought refuge in songwriting and performance, utilizing music as her pathway to recovery.Jordyn's resilience extends beyond her physical struggles; diagnosed with Type One Diabetes in 2013, she became a beacon of inspiration by sharing her journey in her published work, "Type One Diabetes Doesn’t Stop Me," released in 2019.Her academic pursuits led her to Columbia College Chicago, where she obtained a Bachelor of Music with a Minor in Music Business in 2022, and subsequently pursued a Master of Entrepreneurship, graduating in 2023. Her dedication to her craft and entrepreneurial spirit culminated in a pivotal moment in December 2022 when she inked a distribution deal with I Swim With Sharks Inc. and Equity Distribution, paving the way for the release of her debut project, "Project 22: Not Yours," on September 25th, 2023.Jordyn's musical prowess extends beyond her vocal talents; she is a multifaceted artist, adept at producing and engineering her own music. Her discography boasts a collection of captivating records, including fan favourites like "Twenty-Two," "Yeah," "Tempted," "Stay The Night," and "Used," showcasing her versatility and artistry.Recently, Jordyn sat down with the Urban$ound team to share insights into her musical journey and discuss her latest project, "Recents," demonstrating her ongoing commitment to pushing boundaries and captivating audiences with her unique sound and compelling storytelling.
  • 42. Jay Pruitt

    Jay Pruitt is a captivating singer-songwriter whose music transcends mere melodies, delving deep into the intricacies of human emotions. With his latest release, "Unalived," Jay showcases his ability to craft not just songs, but immersive experiences. Each note and lyric of "Unalived" weaves a poignant narrative, inviting listeners on an introspective journey through a myriad of feelings. Jay Pruitt is more than just a musician; he is a storyteller, painting vivid emotional landscapes with his music. So, sit back, turn up the volume, and allow yourself to be swept away by the spellbinding sounds of Jay Pruitt's "Unalived."
  • 41. Roslyn Kind

    Roslyn Kind, a dynamic and multi-talented entertainer, has carved out a remarkable career spanning the realms of music, theatre, television, and philanthropy. Renowned for her captivating performances and versatile vocal prowess, she has garnered acclaim from audiences worldwide.Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Roslyn embarked on her performing journey in her teens, releasing her debut album "Give Me You" and quickly captivating audiences with her mesmerizing talent. From her early appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show to her show-stopping New York debut at the legendary Plaza Hotel's Persian Room, Roslyn's star began to shine brightly.Throughout her career, Roslyn has showcased her musical versatility, comfortable in a wide range of genres from Broadway to pop. Her albums, including "This is Roslyn Kind" and the critically acclaimed "Come What May," have solidified her reputation as a virtuoso vocalist, praised for her impeccable phrasing, richness of tone, and emotional depth.On Broadway, Roslyn has graced the stage in productions like "3 from Brooklyn" and "Leader of the Pack," dazzling audiences with her magnetic presence and powerhouse vocals. Off-Broadway, she has impressed in shows like "Show Me Where the Good Times Are" and William Finn's "Elegies."Roslyn's talent extends beyond the stage to the screen, with notable appearances in films like "The Underachievers" and "I'm Going to Be Famous," as well as numerous television roles, including a memorable turn on CBS's "The Nanny" and appearances on shows like "Gimme a Break" and "Throb."Beyond her entertainment career, Roslyn is deeply committed to various charitable causes, including animal welfare, Alzheimer's, and AIDS-related organizations. She is a proud supporter of Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS and is involved with the Sea Angels, empowering women-founded non-profits that uplift and support women and girls.With her latest project, a special 6-minute video short combining hits "Look of Love" and "The Island," Roslyn continues to captivate audiences with her talent and passion. As both star and producer of this unique endeavour, she celebrates love in all its forms, showcasing her enduring artistry and commitment to excellence. Based in Los Angeles, Roslyn Kind remains a true icon of the stage, screen, and beyond, enchanting audiences with her royal command and undeniable talent.
  • 40. Stephen Cohen

    Stephen Cohen is an English-born historical fiction and non-fiction writer, with a passion for delving into the depths of both imagination and history. Hailing from Sutton-In-Ashfield, England, Cohen's love for storytelling was nurtured amidst the enchanting landscapes of Sherwood Forest, where he would often play with his child, fostering a deep appreciation for the mysteries of the past.A seasoned traveller, Cohen has explored over fifty countries, immersing himself in diverse cultures and landscapes. His wanderlust led him to reside for a year or more in seven different countries, each experience enriching his understanding of the world and its myriad histories.During his travels, Cohen developed a particular fascination with the relics and remnants of World War II, actively seeking out historical sites associated with the conflict. His journeys yielded not only cherished memories but also a vast collection of photographs documenting his encounters with the echoes of the past.Cohen's profound interest in World War II evolved into a dedicated hobby, inspiring him to delve deeper into the era's complexities. This passion culminated in the creation of his debut novel, "Blue Ring Assassins," a gripping tale set against the backdrop of wartime intrigue. Originally conceived as a standalone work, the success of "Blue Ring Assassins" has propelled Cohen to expand it into a trilogy series, set to captivate readers with its blend of historical authenticity and thrilling narrative. As 2024 unfolds, the eagerly anticipated continuation of Cohen's saga promises to transport audiences on a riveting journey through the annals of history.
  • 39. Steven Keeley

    Steven Keeley is a seasoned entrepreneur and expert in the field of Rent-to-Rent (R2R) property management. With a keen understanding of the dynamics of the rental market, Steven has mastered the art of positioning himself as a strategic middleman, facilitating profitable transactions between landlords and tenants.As the founder of Revive R2R, Steven has pioneered an innovative training program tailored to individuals seeking to generate passive income through property rental without the need for property ownership. Through Revive R2R, Steven empowers participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed in the competitive rental market.Steven's approach to R2R is centred around identifying suitable properties for rent, negotiating favourable agreements with landlords, and subletting to long-term tenants or guests at a higher price point, thereby ensuring a steady stream of income and maximizing profit margins.With a commitment to education and mentorship, Steven's Rent-to-Rent Academy offers personalized coaching, group networking sessions, and access to essential resources and tools for managing a successful R2R business. Under Steven's guidance, participants learn the ins and outs of the R2R strategy, from property sourcing to deal negotiation and effective property management.Steven's passion for R2R stems from its inherent advantages, including high-income potential, low start-up costs, flexibility to work from anywhere, and accessibility to newcomers in the property industry. Through his expertise and mentorship, Steven Keeley continues to empower individuals to achieve financial independence and success through the Rent-to-Rent strategy.
  • 38. Klaud

    Klaud is a rising musician known for his powerful lyrics and captivating melodies. His song "Mad King" explores themes of power, madness, and the human condition, drawing listeners into a haunting and introspective journey. With his unique blend of alternative rock and soulful vocals, Klaud is quickly making a name for himself in the music industry.
  • 37. Vivien Sieber

    Vivien Sieber is an acclaimed author whose poignant work delves into the depths of human resilience in the face of unimaginable adversity. Through her book "Kino and Kinder," she illuminates the harrowing journey of a European Jewish family grappling with the horrors of Nazi antisemitism and the Holocaust. With a narrative woven from the lives and writings of survivors, enriched by over eighty historic photographs, Sieber brings to light the indomitable spirit of those who faced the darkest chapters of history.The tale begins in 1915 when Paula's family purchased a cinema in Vienna, marking the genesis of a successful venture amidst a thriving cultural backdrop. However, as the spectre of antisemitism loomed larger with the ascent of the Nazi Party, the once-flourishing Palast Kino was cruelly confiscated, symbolizing the tightening grip of oppression.Faced with the escalating threat of Hitler's regime, Paula made the heart-wrenching decision to send her son to safety in England before embarking on her own journey as a penniless refugee. Amidst the backdrop of World War II, Paula found solace in serving as a matron at hostels in Tynemouth and Windermere, tending to the needs of girls evacuated from Europe through the Kindertransport—a beacon of hope in a world engulfed by darkness.Sieber's narrative is interwoven with the poignant recollections of these young girls, whose accounts paint a vivid tableau of the trials they endured—from the insidious spread of antisemitism to the anguish of separation from their families, the adjustment to hostel life, and the enduring trauma of survival amidst the loss of loved ones.Through meticulous research and compelling storytelling, "Kino and Kinder" offers a window into the experiences of a Jewish family fleeing the atrocities of the Holocaust. With vivid eyewitness details spanning Vienna, wartime Britain, and post-war London, Sieber crafts a powerful testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring legacy of those who emerged from the shadows of history.
  • 36. Junaid Joosani

    Junaid Joosani is a visionary entrepreneur and technology enthusiast dedicated to revolutionizing customer service experiences through innovative digital solutions. With a keen understanding of the evolving landscape of service industries, Junaid is the driving force behind the implementation of digital queue systems aimed at enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.As the founder and CEO of QueueEase, Junaid has spearheaded the development of cutting-edge platforms that redefine the way people wait for services. Through online booking and reservation features, QueueEase empowers customers to take control of their time by securing their spot in a queue from the convenience of their fingertips. By enabling individuals to plan ahead and avoid the frustration of long wait times, QueueEase ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience for both customers and service providers.One of Junaid's key innovations lies in the integration of mobile check-in options, which streamline the process of notifying the system upon arrival at a physical location. This eliminates the need for traditional queues, allowing customers the flexibility to engage in other activities while awaiting their turn. With real-time updates on wait times delivered through SMS, mobile apps, and other communication channels, QueueEase keeps customers informed every step of the way, empowering them to make informed decisions about their visit.Under Junaid's leadership, QueueEase has also pioneered virtual queuing systems that transcend physical boundaries. By enabling customers to wait remotely and receive notifications when their turn approaches, QueueEase maximizes convenience and minimizes wait times, revolutionizing the concept of queuing in the digital age.Driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to enhancing customer experiences, Junaid Joosani continues to push the boundaries of possibility in the realm of digital queue management, shaping the future of service industries worldwide.
  • 35. Michael Karolewski

    Michael Karolewski is a versatile author whose journey to the realm of literature has been as diverse as the worlds he creates in his novels. With a background in Math and Economics from Northeastern University, Michael's career path has taken him through various industries, including stints at two insurance companies, a call centre, and most recently, the tech sector. However, amidst his professional endeavours, Michael harboured a lifelong dream of becoming an author, which he now fervently pursues.Hailing from Smithfield, Rhode Island, Michael's passion for storytelling bloomed at an early age. He penned his first book, "Revenge of the World," in second grade and sold it on the playground—an early indication of his entrepreneurial spirit and literary flair. Now residing in Boston for the past decade, Michael channels his love for dogs, nature, Solitaire, and moody music into his creative process, often accompanied by the therapeutic challenge of jigsaw puzzles.In Autumn 2021, Michael's debut novel, "The Soul Sector," thrust readers into the intriguing realm of Valcara, a dystopian purgatory where souls are commodities. The story follows Rose Ryder's journey as she navigates a cosmic conspiracy, blending elements of the afterlife with earthly intrigue. The success of his first venture into publishing set the stage for Michael's continued exploration of supernatural realms and complex moral dilemmas.In his eagerly awaited sequel, "The Prophet's Debt," Michael delves deeper into Rose's adventures, weaving a tapestry of interdimensional conflicts and personal redemption. As Rose confronts new adversaries and unearths unsettling truths, readers are drawn into a world where the boundaries between life and death blur, challenging conventional notions of fate and morality.With his distinctive blend of suspense, fantasy, and philosophical depth, Michael Karolewski invites readers to embark on a journey beyond the ordinary, where every page promises discovery and revelation. As he continues to hone his craft, Michael remains committed to captivating audiences with his unique storytelling voice and imaginative storytelling.