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Dr Christine Charvet

Season 2023, Ep. 264

Dr Christine Charvet is an accomplished Assistant Professor in the College of Veterinary Medicine at Auburn University, where she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of neuroscience. Her academic journey began with a PhD in neuroscience from the esteemed University of California, Irvine. Driven by her passion for unravelling the intricacies of the brain, she pursued postdoctoral training in neuroimaging at Harvard Medical School and statistical genetics at Cornell University, solidifying her expertise in cutting-edge research methodologies.

Prior to her tenure at Auburn, Dr Charvet served as an Assistant Professor at Delaware State University, where she played a pivotal role in fostering academic growth and research initiatives. As an NIH COBRE recruited faculty member, she spearheaded collaborative, cross-institutional endeavours aimed at enhancing diversity in biomedical sciences, working closely with researchers from the University of Delaware and Delaware State University.

Dr Charvet's remarkable contributions to the field have been recognized through a series of prestigious grants and fellowships. She was awarded an NIH F32 postdoctoral research fellowship to further her training at Cornell University, followed by an NIH-INBRE pilot grant to kickstart her research program at Delaware State University. Her dedication and innovative approach also led to the acquisition of an NIH R21 grant, enabling the expansion of her research endeavours.

At the heart of Dr Charvet's research program lies a profound commitment to leveraging big data in genetics and neuroimaging to address critical questions in comparative neuroscience. Her pioneering work, in collaboration with colleagues, culminated in the development of a groundbreaking resource ( that facilitates the identification of corresponding ages across humans and model organisms. This invaluable tool has become a cornerstone for researchers studying model systems, bridging the gap between experimental findings and their relevance to human biology. Currently, Dr Charvet and her colleagues are pushing boundaries by integrating transcriptional, epigenetic, and neuroimaging data to further enhance this resource.

Dr Charvet's scholarly contributions are reflected in her impressive portfolio of 36 published articles, many of which have found their place in esteemed journals such as PNAS and the Journal of Neuroscience. Her work continues to inspire and shape the landscape of comparative neuroscience.

Beyond her research pursuits, Dr Charvet is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion in biomedical science. She has played instrumental roles in various initiatives, including the growth of a neuroscience program at a historically-black college through an NSF-targeted infusion grant. Additionally, her involvement in a cross-institutional effort to make neuroscience textbooks open-access, supported by an NSF Eager award, underscores her commitment to democratizing knowledge in the field.

In a forward-looking endeavour to inspire the next generation of researchers, Dr Charvet has joined forces with the advertising agency Digital Trends to spearhead an innovative campaign. This initiative aims to inform students about the invaluable benefits of engaging in directed research during their college years, demonstrating Dr Charvet's dedication to nurturing future scientific leaders.

For those interested in collaborating on the groundbreaking Translating Time project, Dr Charvet welcomes inquiries and looks forward to forging new avenues of discovery in the realm of comparative neuroscience.

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