The Toby Gribben Show


Casey Bell

Season 2021, Ep. 204

Proud Uncle Casey Bell has authored two Young Adult books, three General Fiction, three Non-Fiction, two Short-Stories, one Horror, one book of Poetry, five Children books, one book of collection of Art, and has produced four Word Search books. Twenty-two books in total, but has no intentions of slowing down. He enjoys sharing stories, ideas, and art that cause people to think beyond the box. Not only a writer, but also a playwright, graphic designer, fine artist, and fashion designer.

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Abi Mia

Season 2021, Ep. 254
London based singer-songwriter Abi Mia brings her uplifting, empowering pop sound to modern music. With soaring vocals and powerhouse storytelling, her soulful voice goes beyond expression: deeply emotional and unapologetically hopeful, Abi Mia brings her most authentic self to her music.Broadly pop-focused, blended with balladic and theatrical elements, Abi Mia’s debut single ‘Fly Your Way’ spreads a message of having the courage to chase your dreams, own your strengths, and carve your path. The single was inspired by the singer’s journey of rediscovering her passion for music: when the lockdown paused her fitness career, Abi Mia realised that making music was her true priority, which gave her the courage to follow her heart. Artistically influenced by contemporary powerhouse vocalists like Demi Lovato, Christina Aguilera, Sara Bareilles and Alicia Keys, Abi Mia finds inspiration in the joy of creation, and in her ability to freely express who she is as an artist and a person through her music. “Music is such a powerful positive force in the world,” says the rising pop singer-songwriter. “Singing and songwriting give me intense happiness, and it’s a beautiful way to connect with people.” Since releasing her debut single, Abi Mia has had multiple successful releases and live gigs across London, garnering glowing reviews in the national press and receiving international radio coverage. Now, with a slate of exciting new singles coming up, the sky is the limit for Abi Mia.

Noel MacNeal

Season 2021, Ep. 253
Noel MacNeal is a puppeteer who has performed in variousHensonproductions, working onSesame Streeton-and-off since 1982. His most well-known work has been his portrayal ofBear, the lead character ofBear in the Big Blue House.Born and raised inNew York City'sCentral Harlem, he began his puppetry career on the television seriesThe Great Space Coaster(taking over fromJohn Loveladyas Knock Knock) and later made his way toSesame Street, joining the show as a "puppet wrangler."MacNeal's first Muppet performance was a supermarket cashier ina Grover sketch; MacNeal flubbed his one speaking line, to tellGroverthat his register was closed and to go to another line, which resulted in his character getting a close-up in apick-upshot.MacNeal's otherSesameroles have included severalfull-bodiedSnuffleupaguses, includingSnuffy'smommyat various points, andhis daddyin the unaired "Snuffy's Parents Get a Divorce." In the feature filmFollow That Bird, he performedMadame Chairbirdand doubled forCaroll SpinneyasBig Birdin a scene where he's running fromBertandErnie's plane.MacNeal has puppeteered Big Bird on several other occasions, such as theMacy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. In addition to performing, he has played an active role in hiring and training puppeteers for localSesame Streetproductions in Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Jordan, Palestine, and India. During MacNeal's time onBear in the Big Blue House, he served as principal performer, director, and wrote a few episodes. In 2005, he reprised the role of Bear forBreakfast with Bear.His more prominent non-Henson credits include the baby dragon Magellan onEureeka's Castle, Leon MacNeal inThe Puzzle Place, and Raphael inTeenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesIII.He also puppeteered onBetween the Lions(taking over Lionel for the last two seasons),Blue's Room, andOobi(Kako). MacNeal spent a stint as host (and writer) for Sprout'sThe Good Night Showand has puppeteered on more adult series including30 Rock,Oz,Chappelle's Show(in the "Knee High Park" spoof ofSesame Street), andUnbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. He is the resident puppeteer forLast Week Tonight with John Oliver.As a writer, he contributed scripts toThe Puzzle Place,Eureeka's Castle,Gullah Gullah Island,The Magic School Bus, andCyberchase.