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Alpha Circle

Season 2022, Ep. 272

Alpha Circle is a band, made up of 2 Englishmen and 2 Spaniards, that hangs the "sold-out" sign at each concert it performs, based on fresh and diverse music with influences from various genres, including pop, rock, country, funk, jazz and classic. One presenter described their sound as “surf pop-rock”. Its base is the luminous brit-pop of the best Lightning Seeds or Blur without forgetting rock. Their early hits have reached major radio stations in countries like England and the United States and the band has incredible numbers on platforms like Spotify with every single released. The band revolutionizes its audience at each concert both on large stages and in small venues.

The Spanish band have just released their last single "1995", an indie-pop/disco track. Their previous single "Phoenix and Butterflies" recently won first place in Shout Radio's very own Toby Awards 2022. The song gained 68% of the votes among the other 29 nominees.

Alpha Circle is based in Madrid and is comprised of Lee Chamberlain (frontman and voice), Simon Richman (drums and voice) and Alberto Garcia (guitar) - they've been also accompanied by Lewis Ceballos (bass), Iker Arranz (bass in recordings) and Dj Moderno (bass in live shows).

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Dave Raval

Season 2022, Ep. 338
We have always been particular about keeping our homes warm - how many can recall a parent sarcastically asking, "do we live in a barn?" when leaving a door wide open?Now, as energy bills continue to rise, and with the cold months rolling in, many will channel their frugal fathers and mindful mothers to keep their homes warm and bills low.In fact, 69% admit to being concerned about keeping their homes warm this winter, with 38% saying it's not worth putting the heating on, according to new research from LoftZone.The findings show that although 44% of Brits have resorted to keeping their heating off to minimise their bills, only 13% have bought draft excluders - a solution thought to be one of the most cost-effective ways of keeping homes warm.Other measures Brits have taken on to keep bills down include buying or using small cooking appliances (24%), heating only some rooms in the house (27%) and using hot water bottles (23%).Considering 41% race to get dressed in the morning, a third (33%) wear multiple layers when about the house, 33% say they struggle to leave the shower fearing the cold, and over a quarter (26%) have even seen their own breath at home due to the cold, it's clear there's a chill present in British homes.But even when the heating is turned on, the warmth doesn't appear to stay with nine in ten (89%) admitting to complaining about the cold in their home - interestingly rising to 92% for those in Edinburgh and Leeds, while dropping to 85% for those in Plymouth and 87% in Southampton.A quarter (25%) of homes have been rated by the residents as having "no" to a "low" level of heat retention, with hallways (45%), stairwells (40%), loft spaces (39%), and bathrooms (41%) being the worst culprits.Although 92% of Brits know that loft insulation is important for maintaining a warm home, less than half (43%) were aware compressing the insulation could affect its performance, meaning households across the country could be losing heat and increasing their energy bills by storing items in their loft.