The Toby Gribben Show


Allan Grosvenor

Season 2020, Ep. 52

Allan Grosvenor has led technology development projects in aviation, energy, and space launch that used some of the world's most powerful supercomputers to invent new tech for NASA, Department of Energy, and DARPA. Now, his company MSBAI have created a cognitive Artificial Intelligence-driven assistant, named GURU, to enable engineers to harness the same capabilities for their own projects.

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David Vando

Season 2021, Ep. 151
What happens when one of history's most enduring plays looks through the lens of someone on the sidelines? Hamlet/Horatio captures the timeless tale of corruption and vengeance through the eyes of the outsider, Horatio. Glass House Distribution will release Hamlet/Horatio June 1 on a number of digital and cable platforms.Hamlet/Horatio has been a 20-year collaboration between producer David Wenzel and writer David Vando. The film celebrates the power of love to transcend corruption and evil driven by Horatio's mission to keep Hamlet's spirit alive, even after death.Shakespeare's magnum opus was originally about the King of Denmark's son, Hamlet. In the text, Hamlet is told by his father's ghost to avenge his death and kill the new king, Hamlet's uncle. Horatio is Hamlet's trusted and beloved friend. Instead of telling the Hamlet story through its main character's eyes, Hamlet/Horatio flips the notion on its head and tells the story through Horatio's perspective.The release of Hamlet/Horatio is the culmination of a 20-year collaboration between producer David Wenzel and writer David Vando, directed by Paul Warner."David Vando and I felt it was a need to introduce Hamlet/Horatio in a new concept to make it more relatable to a newer audience that might have been standoffish with Shakespeare in the past," David Wenzel said. "We have known Paul Warner for over 20 years and was a logical choice for him to direct."Hamlet/Horatio begins on an empty sound stage with the death of Hamlet. The action transpires in his last moment of awareness as the hero of Shakespeare's most famous play watches his life flash before him while his soul transcends all earthly conflict. Hamlet/Horatio is told from the perspective of Hamlet's closest friend and confidante, Horatio, who takes on the role of film director in order to fulfill his promise to dying Hamlet of telling the story of Hamlet's life so that the world will know of Hamlet's tragic sacrifice.

Riva Taylor

Season 2021, Ep. 150
Rebecca Jane Grosvenor Taylor known professionally as Riva Taylor is an English singer, songwriter and performer.Taylor was born inHammersmith, London. She had her first experience on the stage at the age of seven in London's West End, playing Little Eponine at thePalace Theatre.Other early achievements include winning the Thorndike Talent competition for ages 8–24, and winning a British Arts Award for her dance performance of the Secret Garden, both of which she achieved at the age of 8. She also appeared onBlue Peter, performing "My Heart Will Go On" at the age of 10. She attendedDanes Hill School, Surrey before studying for her GCSEs and A Levels atTormead School, Guildford. Taylor has said that living the life of a normal school girl was important for somebody exposed to the music industry from such a young age.At the age of 12, she landed arecording contractwithEMI,making her the youngest artist to have ever been signed to therecord label. Her debut album,A Dream Come True(2001) recorded atAbbey Road Studiosenjoyed international success. That same year she sang at theFarm Aidbenefit gala concert at theRoyal Albert Hall. This was attended byPrince Charleswho praised the young Taylor and stated he would watch her career with great interest. She also caught the attention ofMohammed Al Fayedwho, after hearing her sing at her album launch atHarrods, invited her to open the Harrods Sale withJean-Claude Van DammeandSalma Hayek.Over these years, Taylor toured worldwide promoting her music. Her US tour was supported by promotional performances onLive With Regis and Kellyhosted by guest presenterUsherand theMDA Labor Day Telethon, Los Angeles. Taylor has performed at theFA Cup Finaland at theSix Nations,Twickenham Stadium.She dances to an advanced standard and has achieved her Associate of theRoyal Academy of Dancediploma.Taylor has graduated from theUniversity of Durhamafter undertaking a three-year degree in History.