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My Mate Bought A Toaster

Tim Key Part One

Season 5, Ep. 1

Hey everyone and welcome back to a new series of Toaster Pod. Thanks for your ears. This week Tim Key lets me cat burgle his dignity by browsing his online shopping history. We discuss huge and important topics such as Lucy Benjamin, body language gossip and town gown clowns. And that's only part one!

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  • 23. The Best of Season 8

    Oh hello Toasters!Seeing as summer is upon us, we thought what better way to celebrate hot weather, expensive travel, annoying tourists, relentless children and lost sunglasses than by dropping a little cheeky Best of Series 8 on your podcast feed. It's to cheer you up and help you on your merry sunburnt way.Here you'll find some of the highlights of what's been going on this series where once again we've ploughed through people's purchases in order to find their true life stories waiting in between the receipts. We've got big buys (why did Katherine Ryan get SO much vinegar?) and we've got tiny buys such as Stephen Merchant's charming gift of a little toy plane for his fully grown, adult, parents.There's just something about looking across an entire span of someone's Amazon Purchase History that brings out their life's highest points - such as Marcus Brigstocke flying through the air on a tv show knowing he was about to catastrophically break his leg. But we often find life's most terrifying and lowest moments too - a simple weighing scales bought by Emmanuel Sonubi was, it turns out, the first thing he bought after he very nearly died of a massive heart attack.It's a rollercoaster ride, this shopping snooping business.And we're not slowing up any time soon. We've got a couple of live dates coming up in September, if you fancy? Have a click here look.If you're a member of our Patreon those tickets will be free, by the way. So do feel free to hop on and subscribe for all sorts of added content.Don't forget to check out our YouTube, too, our TikTok and our Insta.And please rate and review! If you're on Spotify or Apple Podcasts or Amazon Podcasts, it makes such a huge huge difference to helping new audience members discover our stupid, ridiculous show.Thanks again for listening and see you a bit later on in the year!Toast xx
  • 22. Stephen Merchant

    Here we are then - the end of series 8! And what a way to climax with Stephen Merchant.Perfect sentence, that. Enjoy another romp through a purchase history which takes in toilet brushes, tiny planes and huge tv shows. As ever check out our socials for some video bits, and we're thrilled to announce some LIVE SHOWS happening this September.Click here for tickets! Lots of love and see you after the summer and thanks for listening and thanks for being you.Toast x
  • 21. Katie Norris

    Look everyone it's the brilliant Katie Norris!Funny, feline friendly and frank - it's another glorious fact finding memoir involving a lot of products bought on Amazon.Highlights this week include a cage, a map and a wand. And much, much more.Katie is doing Edinburgh this year so if you're up there make sure you check out her show. She's ace. Look here's a link to tickets. Go see her before she's obscenely famous!Next week the season 8 finale - Stephen Merchant! You can find out all about what Merchant has been buying if you jump on our Patreon. It's there this very second just waiting for your ears.See you next week!Toast xx
  • 20. Dr Ranj Singh

    It's Dr Ranj look! And he's only gone and allowed us to have a nose through his Amazon purchase history. Prepare for a story of medicine versus art, hair versus grooming and why Shane Richie loves Dick.SO much you'll love in this episode, which will shortly be up on our YouTube channel - check it out, yeah? Please subscribe while you're there. It's miraculously free. Also make sure you check out our Patreon, where a certain Stephen Merchant episode will soon be appearing. ALSO make sure you're subscribed to the podcast as Katie Norris is on next week and she's amazing.And thanks again to the glorious wonder that is Dr Ranj Singh. A man of medicine and musical theatre. What a combo. You can go and see him live in & Juliet. Tickets here!That's all for now! bye bye bye bye byeToast xxOH - one last thing - we're doing a live show in October. Come down! Tickets here!
  • 19. Kat Shoob

    This week it’s the turn of superstar radio DJ Kat Shoob to let her co-host, and host of this podcast, Tom Price into her Amazon account. Prepare yourself for stories of unread books, crystals and a seriously neglected telescope. Also - and this is a first - an actual Spice Girl pops up at the end. It’s very exciting.Clips heading up on our YouTube channel so make sure you drop in and subscribe for free please (no charges for this, NB).Next week - Dr Ranj! Already up on our Patreon, since you ask.All the best lots of loveToast x
  • 18. Paul Gorton

    Every now and again reality tv brings us a star. Your Hammond, your Rylan, your Science. This year's absolutely premier league addition to the world of tv entertainment is Paul Gorton, AKA Paul off of Traitors. If you didn't see Traitors, you're still going to love this episode, NB. This is the Amazon Purchase story, then, of a working class guy who has grafted, blagged, punched and grown (he's v tall) his way to stardom. From Burger King to military emergencies, loft ladders to setting the world on fire - it's quite the memoir. Fancy the opposite of a misery memoir? This might well be it. It's also lovely that Tom has found a new best friend. Anyway don't forget to find clips on our Insta which you're more than welcome to share, and also give us a follow on YouTube where this interview, and many others, will be appearing soon.Next week - Kat Shoob! Toast xx
  • 17. Sofie Hagen

    Hello you nosey bunch. Fancy having a look through another person's Amazon account so you can find out all about them, do you? Fair enough. Welcome back.This week it's the turn of comedian and writer Sofie Hagen, who opens up their account to reveal a history of fringe cutters, water sprays and a fairly substantial addiction to Westlife.Sofie is funny, fascinating and frank about all sorts of things - including buying an ass pillow. So strap in and enjoy - and go and buy her new book!Don't forget our episodes and clips are up at the YouTube - please subscribe please please oh go on.We also have a Patreon where next week's episode is already waiting, and soon a certain S Merchant's episode will be found. There's also loads of extras from Sofie's episode, including an explanation for why James Acaster hates inflatable deliveries. Thanks for dropping by and speak soon, yeah?Toast x
  • 16. Marcus Brigstocke

    Another week, another audio tour of a human being's Amazon account.This week that human being is the wonderful Marcus Brigstocke, whose shopping habits reveal stories of ski jumps, tightropes, jazz and chameleons. It's quite the conversational hit list.Clips from this episode are already available over on our TikTok, our Insta and also our YouTube which we'd urge/beg you to go and subscribe to. Thanks!Next week Sofie Hagen, and the week after Paul Gorton off of Traitors! Those episodes are up on our Patreon very soon.Thanks, goodbye, lots of love, see you soonToast xx
  • Joe Tracini

    Another dive into an Amazon history - this week the actor, comedian and writer Joe Tracini.At times this isn't an easy listen - Joe has Borderline Personality Disorder, something which he has talked about at length over recent years. There's also a heartbreaking and incredibly powerful new documentary which Joe has just released about this - it's available here. For any mental health help - during this mental health awareness week or during literally any other week of the year - there is someone out there who'll listen. We recommend who have a comprehensive list of resources and approaches. Thanks for listening and please don't forget to rate, review, like, subscribe to us on YouTube and all that nonsense. See you next week for some Marcus Brigstocke!Toast x