My Mate Bought A Toaster

Tom Price trawls through the Amazon purchase histories of a variety of comedians. Everything you’ve ever bought on that website is on record - it's the true story of who you really are. Expect in-depth discussion of powdered peanuts, dog costumes,...

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  • 10. Paul Foot

    This week we welcome and revel in the delights of Paul Foot, who has an extensive (one item) Amazon Shopping History.Prepare for an astounding voyage into murals, late night baths and the Second Sleep.As ever you can find loads of extra Toaster goodies over at our Youtube Channel. Don't forget to subscribe and prepare to be pebble dashed in cracking Toaster content.Next week it's the turn of Nish Kumar to brighten up your day - and that episode is already up on our Patreon Page.Also do follow us on Insta or TikTok or Facebook if you like using the internet for hours and hours and hours.Lots of loveTeam Toast xx

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  • 9. Katherine Ryan

    Oh hey there and welcome to another episode of My Mate Bought a Toaster.This week we meticulously go through the Amazon Purchase history of Katherine Ryan. Who knew that what she bought on Amazon could lead to chats about:Putting a Falcon in your private partsThe value of vinegarKatherine's future as a MormonAll this and LOADS more awaits you, brave Toast voyager. If you enjoy this don't forget you can watch it in its entirety up on our YouTube page.We also have other bits on our Patreon, including loads of previous episodes ad free.Also give us a follow on TikTok and InstagramAnd subscribe to the podcast, too, obviously. Cos we have some great episodes coming up including Paul Foot, Josh Widdicombe and loads more.Ok all the best lots of love thanks for comingTeam Toast xx
  • 8. Caimh Mcdonnell

    Hiya and welcome back to a less damaging version of mining in the Amazon.We tell people's life stories via their Amazon purchase histories, and our guest this week is the former comedian and current novelist Caimh Mcdonnell.The highlights of this week's bought-o-biography include some excellent conspiracies, wonderful beard thoughts and a really lovely Christmas jumper. What more could you want?Follow Caimh over on Twitter here! And get stuck into his brilliant books here!Don't forget this week you can win a lovely Shark vacuum all thanks to our pals at HotUKDeals - simply subscribe to our YouTube channel this very second! And we'll see you next week for Katherine Ryan! (which is up now over on our Patreon!)All the bestTeam Toast xx
  • 7. Emmanuel Sonubi

    This week we manage to fit Tom and Emmanuel Sonubi onto our tiny Amazon confessional sofa.Emmanuel is a man whose Amazon past reveals a guy who enjoys swearing at kids, hasn't seen a Tom Cruise film for ages and also has a very important set of bathroom scales. And much, much more.Make sure you give us a follow on TikTok and Insta, and also find loads of our latest episodes over on our YouTube channel!In the coming weeks we've got Katherine Ryan, Paul Foot and Josh Widdicombe all joining us on the sofa. Those episodes will be appearing shortly over on our delicious Patreon page.My Mate Bought a Toaster is filmed and recorded at the fabulous Gramercy Park Studios. Check 'em out!Lots of love and see you soon, Toast xx
  • 6. Matt Richardson

    Matt Richardson's here look! A romp through his shopping catalogue reveals flight simulation, how much he got offered for some dirty socks, what happens when you sulk on Mastermind and SO MUCH MORE.As ever don't forget to check out our Patreon and our TikTok and Instagram.And please do like follow subscribe and tell your friend(s).Back next week with the fabulous Emmanuel Sonubi!Toast xx
  • 5. John Kearns

    Here we are then with another rummage through the purchase history of an innocent member of the entertainment community.This week it's the turn of John Kearns, a funny and delightful human who enjoys nothing more than taking people around the Houses of Parliament and reading TS Eliot. He also loves a good HDMI cable - but then who doesn't?Clips of this episode are heading to our TikTok and Insta channels any second now, so do hop on there and enjoy looking at a podcast (weird).Also there's some extra audio of today's episode with John up on our Patreon page. Check it out if you have £3 spare.Cheers all the best kind regardsToast xx

    Hello ToastersWelcome to the latest episode with the awesome comedian Helen Thorn, who is part of the BRILLIANT Scummy Mummies.This week we talk about weird flat coincidences, coffee machines and also why World Book Day will never quite be the same again.Don't forget to give us a review if you get a sec, and also bung us a follow on the TikToks or the Instagrams or the Toaster Facebook.Lots of love and see you next week for the amazing John Kearns (full episode of this already up on Patreon loooook).Toast xx