This Midlife Hustle

Lisa and Ray pursue financial freedom.

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  • 13. Salon & Candle Business Update

    Ray and Lisa give an update about the candle business and Lisa's salon suite setup, including a startup cost estimate, and advertising costs.

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  • 12. The Chaos Begins

    Ray and Lisa give an update about the chaotic mess of trying to get Lisa's new salon suite setup and Ray's candle business going while still keeping up with other responsibilities and trying to stay sane.
  • 11. Hair Styling Business

    Lisa discusses what she's doing to reboot her hair styling career in the Central Florida area now that the salon in Maryland is sold. She shares the options considered and the gem she found as well as the important of treating it like a business.
  • 10. Starting a Candle Business

    We explain why our unique approach to starting a luxury candle business (Cire Artistry) makes sense for us, how it's related to our Amazon FBA journey, and we offer some insight about using Etsy, Amazon or Shopify for our sales platform.
  • 9. Embrace The Stuck

    We discuss the challenges we've been having getting to the next step with our product ideas, how work-life balance can be difficult to navigate, and what our next steps are in our attempts to create a product for Amazon FBA.
  • 8. Our Salon Ownership Story

    We discuss the highs and lows of our experience as salon owners of Tough Love Salon, a critical flaw in the business plan, how much money Lisa brought into the salon, and why we ultimately decided to close it early.
  • 7. Almost Lost $250k

    We discuss how we almost lost $250k on the purchase of a commercial real estate property and the lessons we learned from that experience.