This Is My Playbook


My Progress Club - Dip low to jump high

Season 1, Ep. 1

In this episode I speak to Greenhouse’s Sports director of coaching Jason Sugrue


Jason was an elite table tennis player, who was introduced to the sport by his Dad – who was sadly murdered when Jason was just twelve. The journey that Jason has been on and the lessons he has learnt along the way are so powerful. In this episode Jason redefines success, and explains the power of helping other young people in life. As he says – there are few things more rewarding.


I hope you enjoy our conversation.

In this podcast series – created by Greenhouse Sports – we’ll be hearing from a host of inspiring people about who and what inspired, supported and encouraged them during difficult moments.


We’ll find out what they have learnt along the way and what they want to share and pass on. 


Greenhouse Sports is the charity that uses sport to help disadvantaged young people and communities. Their core belief is that every child deserves opportunities and a fair chance to get on in life, and through Greenhouse’s coaches and partners – they look to make that a reality.


The work they do is about engaging with young people through sport and teaching them the life skills they need.


2022 is Greenhouse’s 20th anniversary, and over the last twenty years - the charity has helped more than 50,000 children in London, but there are a further four million children across the UK right now that they would like to help.


If you would like to find out more about their work and how you could help support another generation of young people – head to to find out more.


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Ama Agbeze: Winning Gold - A Journey not a Prize

Season 1, Ep. 3
This summer Birmingham hosted the 22nd Commonwealth Games, the largest multi-sport event to be held in England in 10 years, featuring thousands of world-class athletes and over 1.5 million spectators. It was, by anyone’s account, a roaring success. The city was a brilliant host, the people of Birmingham proudly, creatively, welcomed everyone and displayed the best of the UK’s diverse and energetic second City. The wider UK public who filled the venues to capacity, showcased once more the community spirit that made the London Olympics the best in living memory. At the heart of it all was Ama Agbeze, a Brummie, a Greenhouse Sports ambassador, former Commonwealth Games gold medallist as captain of Team England Netball and a Director of the Games’ organising committee. Ama @amaagbeze is the latest guest on ‘This Is My Playbook’ podcast and openly shares her life experience to host Simon Mundie @simonmundie reflecting on life at high level elite sport, what it really means to win the greatest prize and the value and purpose she takes from sport as she transitions to life off the court."I think what winning gold does is validate it for people externally, there will be athletes in all sports who have gone through their careers and never won a gold of or bronze medal. And it doesn't necessarily mean that they didn't exist, or their journey was invalid. They've still gone through what they've gone through. They've still learned what they have experienced, met people. And so, the journey is probably more important I think, than the medal. The medal just is that little star at the top of the Christmas tree" - Ama Agbeze MBE