Improve, Achieve, Become What's Important to You

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  • 5. Achieve Reliable SALES Success

    In the "magical" 5th episode of Think IDEAL, Steven presents a simple five-step process by which to achieve reliable sales success. If you're interested in greater sales success, contact Steven ( for a free support.

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  • 4. Succeed: Prepare Not to Fail

    Episode 4 introduces the topic of Steven's third book, "why-not", a counterintuitive approach to success. Learn how to improve your chance for success by being prepared for how you could fail. This is an essential message for those who are interested in putting forth their best effort to improve, achieve, or become something important - personally or professionally. Enjoy the message, and share it with a friend!
  • 3. 5 Steps to What's Important to You

    Episode 3 answers the burning question about how to apply IDEAL. The answer to the question introduces some important considerations, and depends on whether IDEAL is used as a process, model, or lifestyle. Learn more about Steven Robert Young, host of Think IDEAL, and his process at:
  • 2. Improve, Achieve, Become: Think IDEAL

    In episode 2, Steven continues his introduction of IDEAL, the most natural course for our development and the success of our goals. Regardless of your being a goal-oriented person, or someone who is dedicated to self-improvement, you should understand IDEAL, because WE ALL express these five characteristics. The better you understand and apply IDEAL, the better you'll be able to improve, achieve, and become what's important to you - in your personal life and business.
  • 1. Think IDEAL (for Greater Productivity)

    In the inaugural episode of Think IDEAL, host Steven Robert Young introduces his IDEAL process, discusses productivity, and explains how to improve, achieve, and become what's important to us. Learn more about Steven at his website: