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Dr Corey Yeager Unboxing | How To Have Better Conversations with Yourself

Season 1, Ep. 416
Dr Corey Yeager is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at the Doctoral level, focusing his therapeutic practice primarily on serving the African American Community. Dr. Yeager holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Metropolitan State University, a Master of Arts degree in Psychotherapy from Argosy University, and a Ph.D. in Family Social Science from The University of Minnesota. His research emphasis centers on better understanding the plight of African American relationships while educating service organizations to utilize the family system context while facilitating meaningful change in both their personal and professional lives. Dr Yeager works diligently to facilitate the advancement of meaningful dialogue surrounding the subject of race and racism. It is in this culminating work that he finds another of his passions. Dr Yeager has done a vast array of facilitating these “courageous conversations” across the country, working within organizational systems to assess and address the climate and culture of these large systemic spaces. Outside of the NBA, some of his clients include The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), The Smithsonian Institute, The Gersh Agency, and Lola Red. Dr Yeager is also a part of the Engage Speakers Bureau based in Los Angeles.Get How Am I Doing?Get my new book 'The Path of an Eagle: How To Overcome & Lead After Being Knocked Down'.► AMAZON US► AMAZON AUS► AMAZON UKCONNECT WITH JAY & THE STORY BOX► INSTAGRAM ► TWITTER  ► FACEBOOK ► WEBSITE