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The Sloppy Boys

160. French Martini 

The guys revisit an ‘80s smash that is neither French nor a martini.


  • 1.5oz/45ml Vodka
  • .5oz/15ml Raspberry Liqueur
  • .5oz/15ml Pineapple Juice

Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker, shake well with ice and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with lemon peel, squeezing oil from peel onto the drink.

Recipe via the International Bartenders Association (

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  • 175. Spicy Fifty

    The guys return to 2005 for this spicy vanilla vodka thing.1.7oz/50ml VANILLA VODKA .5oz/ 15ml ELDERFLOWER CORDIAL.5oz/ 15ml LIME JUICE.33oz/10ml HONEY SYRUP2 thin slices RED CHILI PEPPER Pour ingredients into a cocktail shaker. Shake well with ice and double-strain into chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a red chili pepperRecipe via the International Bartenders Association I
  • 174. Old Cuban

    The guys make a new, Mojito-inspired drink from New York bartending legend Audrey Saunders.INGREDIENTS: 1.5oz/45ml AGED RUM.75oz/22.5ml LIME JUICE1oz/30ml SIMPLE SYRUP2 dashes ANGOSTURA BITTERS6 to 8 MINT LEAVES2oz/60ml BRUT CHAMPAGNE OR PROSECCOPour ingredients (except the wine) into a cocktail shaker. Shake well with ice and strain into a chilled elegant cocktail glass. Top up with the wine. Garnish with mint sprigs.Recipe via the International Bartenders Association I
  • 173. Ramos Fizz

    The guys wear out their arms shaking up an even frothier variation on the Gin Fizz. The pre-Prohibition hit was born in New Orleans and required a team of bartenders to shake it for 12 minutes.INGREDIENTS: GIN 1.5oz/45mlLIME JUICE .5oz/15mlLEMON JUICE .5oz/15mlSIMPLE SYRUP 1oz/30mlCREAM 2oz/60mlEGG WHITE 1oz/30mlVANILLA EXTRACT 2 dropsSODA WATER top upORANGE FLOWER WATER 3 dashesPour all ingredients except soda into a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake for two minutes, double strain in a glass, pour the drink back in the shaker, and hard shake without ice for one minute. Strain into a highball glass and top up with soda.Recipe via the International Bartenders Association I
  • [UNLOCKED] Memos and Demos

    Enjoy this [UNLOCKED] episode of The Sloppy Boys Blowout, our weekly bonus episode available to Patreon subscribers.The guys open up about the early stages of the creative process.Visit for more!
  • 172. Arnold Palmer with Nick Wiger

    The guys welcome Doughboy Nick Wiger to slurp a non-alcoholic classic combining iced tea and lemonade.ARNOLD PALMER RECIPE:ICED TEA mostlyLEMONADE "a healthy splash"Add ice cubes to a glass. Pour in tea and use lemonade as a sweetener. Do not mix half-and-half.Keep the tea dominant-- using between 2/3 and 3/4 tea.Recipe via Arnold Palmer
  • 171. Gin Fizz

    The guys make a frothy, fizzy gin sour that first appeared in the 1876 edition of Jerry Thomas' The Bartenders Guide.GIN FIZZ RECIPE2oz/60ml GIN1oz/30ml LEMON JUICE.75oz/22ml SIMPLE SYRUP .5oz/15ml EGG WHITECLUB SODA to top (about 1oz/30ml)Add ingredients (except soda) to a shaker and vigorously dry shake (without ice) for 15 seconds. Add3-4 ice cubes and shake until chilled. Strain into chilled collins glass and top with club soda.Recipe via
  • 170. Tajin-Tini

    The guys venture into Hanford's test kitchen for a spicy hybrid martini!TAJIN-TINI RECIPE 2.5oz/75ml BEEFEATER GIN .5oz/15ml DRY VERMOUTH.5oz/ 15ml OLIVE BRINELIME to squeezeTAJIN to rim glassRinse a martini glass with vermouth and rim it with Tajin. Pour gin and olive juice into a shaker filled with ice.Shake and strain into the martini glass. Squeeze half a lime over top and serve immediately.Recipe via Mike Hanford
  • 169. Caesar

    The guys make the Bloody Mary’s clammy cousin. Will they say “Hail Caesar,” or “Et tu, Bruti?”CAESAR RECIPE1.5oz/45ml Vodka4oz/120ml Clamato2 dashes Worcestershire2 dashes TabascoPrepared Horseradish to taste (optional)Recipe via
  • 168. Industry Sour

    The guys shake up a bartender's favorite, and the ingredients are equal parts, so the math's easy!INDUSTRY SOUR RECIPE1oz/30ml FERNET BRANCA1oz/30ml GREEN CHARTREUSE1oz/30ml LIME JUICE 1oz/30ml SIMPLE SYRUPPour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well and strain into chilled cocktail glass.Recipe via Esquire