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Entanglements: Leah Gibbs - On the Island; On the Water; Underwater

Season 1, Ep. 3

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has become something of a poster child for contemporary climate change with mass coral bleaching events a very real example of the effects of warming ocean temperatures.

In this talk, Dr Leah Gibbs views the Great Barrier Reef from three positions: on an island; on the water; and underwater. 

Dr Gibbs is Senior lecturer in Human Geography at the Australian Centre for Culture, Environment, Society and Space at the University of Wollongong. She visited and explored the Great Barrier Reef in 2019 and was saddened by the loss, but surprised by the life.

This talk was presented as part of the Entanglements Lecture Series, sponsored by ACCESS and the Animal Studies Research Centre, UOW, and the Wollongong Art Gallery.

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Geographers declare (a climate emergency)?

Season 1, Ep. 5
In this special episode recorded live at the Geographers Declare Symposium, hosted by UOW’s ACCESS and the Geographical Society of NSW, Geographers from around Australia gathered to discuss how they would or should declare a ‘Climate Emergency’.The longevity and severity of the bushfires along Australia’s east coast this Summer prompted many local governments, industries, organisations, peak bodies and academics to declare a climate emergency and pledged to reduce their own emissions.    Climate scientists, engineers, architects, planners, medical professionals, lawyers, religious groups, small business and the arts have already declared, but not yet Geographers. This symposium brought together a panel of experts from around Australia to discuss how Geographers, who habitually research and teach about climate change, social and environmental justice, should best declare a ‘Climate Emergency’. Speakers include: Carrie Wilkinson PhD Candidate with University of Wollongong's, School of Geography and Sustainable Communities, Dr Susannah Clement an early career feminist geographer, Professor Pauline McGuirk Director of University of Wollongong ACCESS (Australian Centre for Culture, Environment, Society and Space), Rosie Goslett-King Coordinator of the Women Rangers Environmental Network (WREN) at World Wildlife Fund, Professor Richie Howitt at Macquarie University, Tim Wall UOW Geography honours student, Associate Professor Lauren Rickards at RMIT University, Associate Professor Fiona Miller at Macquarie University, Madeleine Bretag Geography teacher at Trangie Central School and Dr Blanche Verlie a postdoctoral fellow at the Sydney Environment Institute. Produced by: Jennifer MaceyMusic by: Kevin Brand, Blue Dot Sessions