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Allens' Creek

Season 1, Ep. 1

Allens Creek has been described as the worst creek in the Illawarra. It’s a dirty little creek that runs through the middle of an industrial estate at Unanderra on the New South Wales south coast. It reaches the sea at the Port Kembla steel works. 

So what makes this the worst creek in the Illawarra? Worst according to whom or what? And if it’s the worst why is there so much life growing and living on the banks of Allens Creek?  

Joining us on this field trip are Associate Professor Michael Adams, Dr Chantel Carr, Dr Jenny Atchinson and Dr Leah Gibbs from the Australian Centre for Culture, Environment, Society and Space at the University of Wollongong.

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Site 1: -34.455448, 150.846613 (behind Unanderra station)

Site 2: -34.451526, 150.856328 (off Five Islands Rd)

Site 3: -34.463980, 150.895986 (Port Kembla Harbour)

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