The Pupcast


#4 - Top Training Tips For A Pup Heading To Adulthood

Season 1, Ep. 4

Author, founder and director of Puppy School - the UK’s network of puppy training classes – Gwen Bailey, joins The Pupcast to help guide owners through the challenges of transitioning from pup-hood to those trickier stages of adolescence. Sadly, this is an age where pup-parents can begin to struggle due to changes in behaviour, and a number of dogs are taken into rescue homes. Mel and Gwen join forces to discuss preventative measures from how to socialise, through to reward-based training and engaging games to help harness your pups’ attention. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed or want to learn more, this episode will offer you the support you need to ensure you’re equipped with the tools to handle it all. Puppy school serves to train both puppies and their owners over a six-month period, but this bite-sized session will more than lay down some good foundations with Gwen’s top five tips.

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