The Pupcast


#6 - Routine Changes: How To Help Social Anxiety In Puppies As We Move Out Of Lockdown

Season 2, Ep. 1

A staggering 3.2 million of us have bought a puppy since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic but just as our new four-legged friends are getting used to life in lockdown, restrictions are easing, and things are starting to reopen, which can easily lead to separation anxiety. Are you one of the 83% of us that are worried about returning to work and leaving your new family member alone at home? There’s no need to fear as in this episode, Mel is joined by Kerry Ward, AKA the FairyDogMother, who’ll be offering key advice on how your puppy can best cope with the upcoming transition. Kerry is a dog behavioural expert, puppy trainer and the creator of ‘The Happy Dog Project’, which specialises in helping anxious dogs to become calm and confident and is the perfect guest for helping you tackle this tricky time.  

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