ThePC - The Policing Conversation

  • 7. Neighbourhoods and Policing in Sweden with Manne Gerell

    In this episode, I sat down with Associate Professor Manne Gerrell of Malmö University about his research into neighbourhoods within Sweden. Manne has mostly worked on the issue of vulnerable neighbourhoods - deprived neighbourhoods impacted by criminal networks as defined by the national police in Sweden.
  • 6. Journalism and Terrorism with Jason Burke

    In this episode, we sat down with Jason Burke is a Foreign correspondent of the Guardian. In 20 years as a foreign correspondent, he has covered stories throughout the Middle East, Europe and South Asia. He has written extensively on Islamic extremism and covered the wars of 2001 in Afghanistan and 2003 in Iraq. He is the author of four books, most recently The New Threat.
  • 4. Policing in Iraq - Majid Hindi - Community Policing Specialist

    In this episode, I sat down with Majd Hindi who is a community policing specialist in Baghdad, Iraq. We discussed how policing continues through conflict and how the political history of Iraq has shaped policing. We also discuss Majd's role with the UN Migration and his time in South Sudan. A very interesting listen.
  • 4. Evidence Based Policing - Professor Lawrence Sherman

    In our latest episode, we sat down with Professor Lawrence Sherman who was the founder of the Cambridge Centre for Evidence-Based Policing (CCEBP). He is currently working with the Metropolitan Police as the Chief Scientific Officer. A very interesting conversation.
  • 3. Trust in Policing - Emeritus Professor Mike Hough

    I sat down with Emeritus Professor Mike Hough about his research into policing. We had an interesting conversation about the current issues of trust within policing.
  • 2. Romania, Policing & The Revolution

    In this episode, I sit down with Alina Fisher who worked for HMRC for the British Embassy in Bucharest, Romania. We discuss Alina's experience as a Romanian civilian under the rule of Romanian leader, Nicolae Ceaușescu and how communism impacted her view on life. We discuss about the revolution in Romania 1989 as well as the difference in policing pre and post revolution.
  • 1. Police Decision Making - Dr Laura Boulton

    In our new season, we sat down with Dr Laura Boulton who is a Senior Lecturer at the Liverpool Centre for Advanced Policing Studies. She has published a range of journal articles with a focus on psychology in regards to police decision making in relation to firearms and other aspects of policing. This is a very interesting episode that again demonstrates another area of the policing world.
  • 14. Policing Merseyside - Chief Constable Serena Kennedy

    In this episode, I sat down with Chief Constable of Merseyside Police, Serena Kennedy. This is a very interesting episode and we talk about Serena's career in the police to date and what motivates her to improve policing. We discuss the importance of representation and how this can make policing more relatable for future police officers and staff wanting to join the force.
  • 13. Policing Los Angeles with Dr Max Felker-Kantor

    Today, I had an interesting conversation with Dr Max Felker-Kantor from Ball State University in America about his latest book, "Policing Los Angeles: Race, Resistance and the Rise of the LAPD". This is an incredibly well researched book and one that I highly recommend reading.