The Math of You


Episode 106 - The Return of Dan Mulkerin

Ep. 106

Actor and cohost of Smash Fiction and the Garden Plots With Skeletor podcasts Dan Mulkerin returns to the Math of You. Along the course of this conversation, we discuss how Secret Wars was the original Smash Fiction, how it’s a really bad idea to promise Spider-man free hot-dogs for life, and how Bok Choy is for closers.

Signature Cocktail: The Nosy Parker

Whether you’re a threat or a menace, here’s a drink to steel your nerves.

  • 2oz irish whiskey
  • 1/2oz Benedictine D.O.M.
  • 1/2oz Extra Dry Vermouth
  • citrus twist, for garnish

Shake ingredients with ice to combine. Strain into a champagne coupe. Garnish with citrus twist


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