The Math of You


Episode 071 - Animorphs, Soul Calibur and the Falcon Shed, feat. Kit Mulkerin

Ep. 71

Zookeeper, podcaster and co-host of the Smash Fiction podcast Kit Mulkerin is here to talk about Animorphs and Soul Calibur. Along the way, we discuss taking the powers of New Jersey into yourself, the superpower of being famous, and the realities of a Fallout Boy mosh pit.

Signature Cocktail: Cosmic Castaway

Part Mai Tai, part Margarita, part Pina Colada, all good. Behold this beverage, truly worthy of the King of Bob.

2oz tequila

1/2oz lime juice

1/2oz triple sec

1/4oz coconut syrup

1/4oz simple syrup

lime wedge and fruit, for garnish

Combine ingredients in a shaker with ice, and shake to combine. Pour without straining into a cocktail glass and garnish with fruit. If you’re feeling fancy, rim the glass with salt.

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