The Math of You


Episode 082 - The Return of Lucas Brown, feat. Megan Bob

Ep. 82

Podcaster and photographer Lucas Brown returns to the Math of You, interviewed by one Megan Bob. Along the course of this conversation, we discuss the secret revolutionary heart of Transformers comics, the path from Grover the Waiter to Brave and the Bold Aquaman,and we go deep into mental health, self-care, parenting, and crying about the Flash.

Signature Cocktail: The Bearded One AKA Barbados

A libation to warm the soul, and stoke the fires of memory, and the true passions of the heart.

2oz Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum (or other nice toasty aged rum)

1oz port

2 dashes chocolate bitters

2 dashes Peychaud's bitters

orange peel, for garnish

Combine ingredients over a big ice cube in an old-fashioned glass. Spin the glass twice, then garnish with a piece of orange peel you’ve twisted near an open flame.

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