The Math of You


Episode 084 - The Return of Kathryn VanArendonk

Ep. 4

TV Writer for Vulture and co-host of Appointment Television Kathryn VanArendonk returns to the Math of You. Along the course of this conversation, we discuss how ER shaped the course of prestige television, the love language of writing about Quantum Leap, and how to infuse your children with television-based superpowers… the natural way.

Signature Cocktail: The Belissario

A drink to save a life, to change a heart, and to make the right choice.

2oz gin

1/2oz campari

1/2oz punt e mes*

1/2oz sweet vermouth

1 dash orange bitters

Combine liquors in a shaker of ice and shake vigourously, then strain into pre-chilled cocktail glass. Add bitters.

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