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Your new best friends Eli and Chris cover a rainbow of topics.

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  • There's an air of F@**gotry in This Pod

    In classic Male Gayz style we bookend this week's podcast on a Taylor Swift and Dyson Vacuum Cleaners. Eli informs us all about a real life gay army, and Chris shares his thoughts on gays renovating homes and selling them to straight people. Classic Male Gayz stuff.

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  • Well Well Wellness

    Chris bought some mushroom supplements and Eli saw the Opera so you could say we are living our better lives. This episode is like 80% about supermarkets... but like in a random way.  Special shout to our Queens of The Week, the cast of Furiosa. Love your work, can't wait to see your career blossom Hemsworth.
  • Remember Journaling

    A beautiful morning podcast from the boys has opened up a plethora of conversation topics including but not limited to, if you were standard in the woods with only a packet of munchos would you survive, Is sleeping with women like eating a tomato, and why does Eli never talk about his time at the cinema! This weeks fact of the gay has us really strung up too! Literally!
  • Mangina Is My Clown

    Hot off the back of Eli finally watching Challengers, the male gay are return with our most salacious episode yet. Gossiping about gossip, and doing a deep dive into Manginas (Thesis on this incoming) we also ask the question everyone has been asking... What Happened to Puppetry of the Penis? Answer is... they are in the Sphere at VegasChris Parker tickets for BrisbaneEli Matthewson tickets for Auckland & Wellington
  • Douche like an Egyptian

    We're back on home turf with breaking news, there is a sequel to Priscilla! Beyond that, Taylor Swift is still a billionaire, Chappell Roan is still the most exciting celebrity around and we are still forever grateful to Zendaya. Also, hot tip, you could learn a thing or two from those pesky bin chickens.

    The Male Gays have seeked safety from the Destiny Church members who want them dead and are in Melbourne! We are actually here for the comedy festival, please come see our shows. But while we were in town we thought we would pop off with the best podcast we've ever recorded. This is a star studded podcast, no guests, but lots of celeb sightings!Chris' Melbourne show:'s Melbourne show:
  • Never Caught An Uber

    Chris reviews P!nk and Eli reviews the worst photo ever taken of him at Round the Bays. And the Fact of The Gay is all about a film that only doctors were allowed to watch. We NEED to talk about Queer Eye and also, for the first time: video content: