The Joy Factory Monthly


The Joy Factory Monthly #14: Podcast Parents Speaking Truth

Season 1, Ep. 14

And so it came to pass that the Joy Factory Monthly turned its attention the pure wonder of podcasts! This episode, I'm joined by Sarah Nicolas -- author, podcaster, and book publishing superdork -- to talk about why we make podcasts, what keeps us tuned in, and what we love listening to!

You can find out more about Sarah at these lovely spaces:

Podcasts mentioned on this episode:

  • You're Wrong About
  • Maintenance Phase
  • Hidden Brain
  • Throughline
  • Code Switch
  • Planet Money
  • Science Versus
  • The Weirdest Thing I Learned This Week
  • Writing Excuses
  • Manuscript Academy
  • Printrun
  • Breaking the Glass Slipper
  • Fansplaining
  • Fictitious
  • Our Opinions Are Correct
  • Dungeon Master of None
  • No Such Thing as a Fish
  • Maltin on Movies
  • The Adventure Zone
  • Critshow
  • Starbirds
  • Speculate SF
  • Writer's Bone

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