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Amanda Hamilton - Beyond Nutrition, Her Curiosity, Holistic Nourishment, and Well-Being

Season 6, Ep. 247

In this week's episode, I sit down with Amanda Hamilton, a renowned nutrition expert, ex-broadcaster, and founder of retreats focused on holistic well-being and women’s health.

We cover how Amanda's innate curiosity drove her to independently travel the globe, open a fasting retreat, aged 27, create a groundbreaking TV show, and ultimately redefine what it means to live a truly nourished life. 

Amanda shares her pragmatic perspective on nourishing the body and mind through real, unprocessed foods, restorative sleep, movement, and most importantly - learning to listen to and trust your own body's cues over external data and trends and making small "edits" for graceful aging. 

Amanda also discusses fasting, food accessibility, and her wellness reset program.

Amanda's journey is one of inspiration and innovation so whether you're seeking to optimize your well-being, navigate the overwhelming world of health information, or simply learn from a woman who has fearlessly followed her curiosity, this episode is not to be missed. Now over to Amanda. 

Thanks Dr Morgaine Gaye for the connection

Time stamps 

00:00 Introduction

00:55 Meet Amanda Hamilton: A Journey of Curiosity and Innovation

02:25 Amanda -Who is she as a human?

04:08 Who or What Made Her?

09:35 The Role of Travel in Shaping Perspectives

15:08 From Journalism to Nutrition: A Career Evolution

21:34 The Power of Fasting: Amanda's Breakthrough

24:27 Challenges and Successes in Broadcasting Fasting Retreats

32:07 What is Amanda Working to Achieve?

34:12 Holistic Wellbeing: Beyond Nutrition

46:42 Exploring the Complexities of Nutrition

47:48 Guiding Parents on Nutrition

48:43 Fundamentals of a Healthy Diet

50:12 The Impact of Sugar on Health

53:01 Navigating Modern Nutrition Challenges

01:01:59 The Importance of Sleep

01:07:52 Aging and Nutrition

01:15:09 The Role of Exercise

01:16:22 Programs and Future Plans

01:19:49 Dealing with Self-Doubt and Imposter Syndrome

01:22:40 Guiding Children Towards Independence

01:24:32 Principles and Inspirations

01:26:45 Recommended Books and Life Hacks

01:30:16 Final Thoughts and Recommendations

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Food Inc 2 


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The Singularity Is Nearer


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My Octopus Teacher

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  • 249. From Raves to Resilience; Stephen Davies' Sustainable Revolution

    Last week, I sat down with Stephen Davies, a unique voice in sustainable architecture and community development. Stephen's journey from the gritty streets of Bolton and the Manchester party scene to a cycling enthusiast and socially-conscious designer in a quiet town in Cornwall was both unexpected and inspiring.He reflected on how personal challenges and a near-death experience shaped his perspective on life and work. His approach blends philosophical musings with practical solutions to the problems of globalism by embracing a localism strategy for building sustainable food systems, communities, and building practices. Stephen is particularly passionate about hempcrete, a carbon-negative building material that he sees as a game-changer for the construction industry and local economies.Stephen embodies the power of embracing change and is a testament to how personal transformation can drive broader social and environmental change.I hope you enjoy this refreshing and thought-provoking take on creating resilient communities in an uncertain world. Thanks to Alex Fish for the recommendation.00:00 Introduction02:34 Who is Stephen as a human?05:13 Who or What Made Him?10:34 Education and Party Culture14:49 Cycling and a Life-Changing Accident18:16 Pursuing Architecture30:10 Social Conscience and Family Dynamics37:26 Localization and Community Building49:49 Community Projects and Company Formation51:27 Skills Training and Women in Construction52:07 Innovative Use of Hempcrete53:06 Challenges and Solutions in Sustainable Building58:00 Funding Strategies and Community Support01:00:20 Collaborating with Local Authorities01:05:31 Philanthropy and Commercial Partnerships01:11:47 Personal Reflections and Inspirations01:23:57 Final Thoughts and Future PlansSocial LinksLinks in ShowHemcreteCornwall
  • 248. My Life Long Learning,  Lessons, Failures, and Building Community - Mark Fallows

    This week the tables are turned as I’m the guest on the Funds & Founders Podcast. Hosted by Abhinav Sinha, the pod explores the untold Journeys Behind Founders Breakthroughs.Across this broad conversation Abhi explores my view on life-long learning, building community, the differences between New York and Austin, forming Fabrica and the power of Storytelling, lessons from my failed start-up, Creating The Impossible Network, memorable interviews, the power of the network, my support system and my most transformational business experience. What I thoughtlessly forgot to acknowledge was the importance of my partner Elaine on my journey.. so making amends; thank you now Elaine. Timestamps00:00 Introduction00:51 Commitment to Lifelong Learning02:03 Exploring the Impact of AI04:40 Defining and Building Community08:28 Comparing Communities: New York vs. Austin13:13 Journey from Advertising to Founding Fabrica Collective20:24 Challenges and Lessons from Pundit Club29:16 Transitioning to a Service Agency30:43 Starting The Impossible Network Podcast31:28 Procrastination and the Birth of Fabrica32:12 Exploring Serendipity Through Podcasting33:20 Building a Community Around the Podcast33:57 Random Collisions and Serendipitous Connections35:37 Challenges and Rewards of Podcasting48:31 Support Systems and Personal Reflections53:16 Transformational Business Experiences57:29 Final Thoughts and Future QuestionsSocial Links The Impossible NetworkYouTube InstagramLinks Funds and Founders Podcast
  • 246. Suba Vasudevan - The Intersection of Trust, Safety, and Responsible Innovation

    I recently interviewed Suba Vasudevan, a tech optimist and eternal learner who has made a lasting impact in the realm of trust, safety, and responsible innovation.Growing up in Mumbai, Suba was shaped by her parents' unwavering support. Her innate curiosity led her to pursue computer engineering while also working as a journalist, exposing her to the importance of risk management and trust in technology.Over the years, Suba has worked at renowned companies such as News Corp, KPMG, and Meta, where she has been a driving force in operationalizing strategies and promoting responsible technology practices. In our conversation, she shares her insights on the importance of education, collaboration, and embracing change in the face of rapid advancements in AI. Suba also discusses the future of work, offering valuable advice on navigating the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.Now over to Suba. Timestamps 00:00 Introduction 01:41 Who is Suba as a human03:26 Who or what made her?09:31 The Intersection of Technology and Business16:07 Understanding Trust, Safety, and Responsible Technology19:16 Practical Examples from Meta22:30 What she is Working to Achieve?24:21 Embracing AI: Challenges and Opportunities26:43 Emerging Big Tech Movements27:34 The Importance of User Choice and Transparency28:08 Collaborative Efforts and Regulatory Frameworks29:13 Addressing Election Risks and Deepfakes33:29 AI's Impact on Business Leadership39:55 Parenting in the Age of AI44:04 Quickfire Questions and Personal Insights49:12 Conclusion and Final ThoughtsSocial Links Linkedin X/TwitterLinks In Show MozillaBook - The Checklist Manifesto Show - The Gentleman 
  • 245. Unlocking Business Growth Through Visual Communication and Creative Storytelling - Natalia Talkowska

    Natalia Talkowska shares her journey from Poland to London's startup ecosystem and how her insatiable curiosity led her to transform lives through visual storytelling. Interviewed at the Austin Public Library, Natalia delves into her mission of connecting people and making them feel seen and understood. She recounts the pivotal encounter with Darren Robson, a mentor who fundamentally shaped her career and personal growth. Natalia also discusses her approach to visual thinking as a strategic tool for distilling complex challenges and empowering decision-making within businesses. Throughout the conversation, she emphasizes the importance of human connection, creativity, and storytelling in an increasingly digital world. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in innovative problem-solving, personal development, and the evolving role of AI in creativity. Thanks to Dave Birss for the recommendation.Time Codes00:00 Intro01:46 The Impact of Mentorship and Personal Growth02:08 Exploring the Roots of Creativity and Connection04:40 The Transformative Power of Curiosity and Networking05:39 The Entrepreneurial Leap: Support and Strategy10:40 Reflecting on Legacy and Future Ambitions18:32 Strategic Storytelling and Visual Thinking Explained20:05 Unlocking Creativity in the Corporate World20:33 Why Visual Storytelling Works for Businesses21:38 Overcoming Brand Fear with Creative Solutions22:45 The Power of Simplifying Complex Ideas23:10 Developing a Unique Methodology for Engagement26:19 The Journey of Visual Storytelling and Its Impact33:14 Navigating the Future of Storytelling in the AI Era40:28 Advice for Navigating Uncertainty and Embracing Creativity44:35 Final Thoughts and the Importance of Community Social Links WebsiteLinkedinIGYouTube Links Books:The Creative ActMovie:The Matrix 
  • 244. Rediscovering Wisdom, Grace, Kindness, and Connection in the Digital Age

    Lauren Hug joins me this week. Lauren Hug, is a writer, speaker and activist based in Colorado Springs. Lauren grew up with a unique mix of influences - a tech-savvy household, a love for the humanities, and a conservative religious upbringing. This sparked in her a deep curiosity about ideas and a passion for rediscovering and sharing the wisdom of the past.Lauren has focused much of her work on promoting digital kindness and encouraging healthier ways of interacting online. While social media often gets a bad rap, Lauren sees its potential for amplifying new voices and stories. Through her writing, speaking, and online presence, she inspires people to engage with more empathy, seek out different perspectives, and use digital platforms to spread uplifting content.In this wide-ranging discussion, Lauren opens up about her journey of unlearning default mindsets, coping with anxiety, and defining herself on her own terms. She shares her optimism about younger generations and her excitement about the creative potential made possible by emerging technologies. I think you'll find Lauren's perspective refreshing and thought-provoking. Now over to LaurenTime Codes00:54 Introducing Lauren Hug02:23 Lauren's Personal Philosophy: Rediscovering Ancient Wisdom02:23 Exploring Identity and the Complexity of Self-Definition03:57 The Role of Old Ways in Modern Times05:29 Navigating Parenthood and the Pandemic's Effects06:55 The Importance of Remembering and Celebrating Old Wisdom07:15 Lauren's Unique Upbringing: Tech Meets Humanities11:48 From Dreams to Reality: Lauren's Career Path15:11 The Influence of Religion and the Quest for Authenticity22:05 Digital Kindness: Lauren's Mission to Transform Online Spaces36:48 The Challenge of Civil Discourse in a Digital World48:08 Embracing Ambiguity in a Complex World48:34 The Transformative Power of Uncertainty49:01 Challenging Binary Views and Media Influence49:38 Rethinking Social Constructs and Democracy50:46 The Resurgence of Storytelling and Social Media's Role51:32 Gen Z's Impact and the Future of Discourse52:12 The Nuances of Gen Z and Social Media Perceptions53:33 Redefining Business and Ideology for Gen Z01:01:21 The Potential of AI and Rediscovering Humanity01:06:33 The Importance of Intergenerational Communication01:09:40 Exploring New Forms of Community and Connection01:13:32 The Digital Kindness Journal: A Tool for Reflection01:18:15 Personal Insights and Overcoming Challenges01:22:21 The Future of Creativity and AI's Role01:26:47 Concluding Thoughts on Digital Kindness and LegacySocial Links WebsiteLinkedinIGLinks "The Dawn of Everything" by David Graeber and David WengrowBetter Things TEDx talks by Lauren Hug 
  • Curiosity, Empathy, Initiative: The Keys to Thriving in the Era of AI

    In March I attended SXSW and for 8 days immersed myself in every available AI related keynote or panel discussion.What did I learn?1.No one can say for certain how the future will unfold as we embrace these AI tools and powered robotic technologies2. Whether we like it or not AI is coming to our jobs and those using it - coming for our jobs.3. Resisting it is futile but Embracing it while being cognizant of this full range or risks and ethical issues is essential4. As futurist Amy Webb stated ‘we are in a tech Super cycle that will change every aspect of life and work’ and will require governments to prepare for the transformation ahead and for business to reimagine their value networks5. What is certain is that we must focus on our humanity and celebrate what makes us uniquely human - our curiosity, and ability to build meaningful relationships, and find a sense of purpose that transcends algorithms and code.Building on my interview with ChatGPT and as I have reflected I recalled an article I wrote for The Huffington Post called the Future of Getting Lost.So in the spirit of embracing AI I have explored the potential and possibilities of using new AI avatar and chat tools like Hey Gen and Delphi and recorded my thoughts using HeyGEN delivered via my first AI Avatar. Aside from the weird accent it’s pretty impressive.Now over to Mark Bot.
  • 243. 99p Films: Alex Fish - Revolutionizing Cinema with Community and Conversations

    Today, I’m joined by Alex Fish, a trailblazer in social cinema and a staunch advocate for environmental and social justice. Alex's journey from the bustling streets of London to the tranquil shores of Cornwall mirrors his quest for meaningful impact and community-driven change.In this episode, we explore who Alex is as a human and what or who made him. We delve into Alex's eclectic background, as a social butterfly in London, connecting with diverse cultures, to his transformative experiences in Malaysia, grappling with the real-world challenges of conservation, and the pivotal moments that led him to question the traditional paths of environmentalism.At 29 min in we focus on Alex's journey to founding of 99p Films, the social cinema venture that is more than just a business; but a movement. Through Its innovative model of 'Breathe, Watch, Discuss, then Eat' 99p Films aims to democratize cinema, making it a tool for building social and environmental awareness and community. Alex discusses the power of communal viewing, the importance of accessibility in the arts, and how 99p Films bridges the gap between entertainment and activism.Alex’s story is a testament to the power of passion, adaptability, and the relentless pursuit of a better world. Alex's is a beacon of inspiration for anyone looking to make a difference through creativity, community, and a deep connection to our planet.Thanks to Gavin Fernie JonesNow over to Alex 00:00 Intro02:41 Who is Alex : Social Butterfly to Environmental Advocate06:00 The Transformative Power of Travel and Conservation20:48 Redefining Cinema in the Pandemic Era29:35 The 99p Films Experience: Breathe, Watch, Discuss, Feast44:36 Building Community Through Intergenerational Conversations53:37 Exploring the Power of Citizen Assemblies54:19 The Impact of Media Polarization and the Power of Group Discussions56:22 Embracing Fun and Creativity in Social Initiatives57:09 Scaling Social Cinema Beyond Local Communities57:56 The Journey of Expanding Social Cinema Internationally59:19 Developing a Sustainable Model for Social Cinema01:01:04 The Challenges and Solutions of Hosting Social Cinema Events01:18:01 The Future of Social Cinema: Expansion and Content Creation01:19:31 Inspirations and Influences: A Personal Reflection01:22:20 Navigating Uncertainty and Overcoming Challenges01:27:52 Recommendations for Personal Growth and Community EngagementSocial Links LinkedinYouTube IGLinks in the show99pFilmsNonflict bookChasing the Scream Johann HariCitizens book
  • 242. The Reluctant Leader of The Re-Action Collective

    Today I am joined by Gavin Fernie-Jones - a remarkable individual whose life story is a testament to embracing change, resilience, and the power of community. Discovering his love of the outdoors in Peak District in the UK, he moved to the French Alps to manage chalets, before his entrepreneurial spirit led him to open a ski boot fitting business, But as he witnessed the creeping realities of climate change he began to take action through his One Tree At A Time initiative. This led to further initiatives like Citizen Friday and his growing Re-Action Collective.As a self described reluctant leader Gavin is a proactive change-maker. Through initiatives like Citizens Fridays and the engaging community space that champions sustainability, Gavin and his team are not just talking about change – they are living it. This is a conversation about transformation, and is proof that we can all take action, make choices, have impact and contribute to a more sustainable future. I hope you are inspired.  Timestamps00:00 Introduction 02:21 Who is Gavin Fernie-Jones? 03:30 Gavin's Childhood and Influence of Parents03:50 Gavin's Life-Changing Move to the Peak District08:34 Gavin's Career Path in the Outdoors12:48 Gavin's Entrepreneurial Journey in Ski Boot Fitting18:53 Gavin's Awakening to Climate Change22:04 Gavin's Efforts Towards Sustainability28:33 Gavin's Repair Day Initiative29:32 The Birth of a Repair Day30:15 The Impact of Unused Clothing30:55 Setting Up One Tree at a Time31:42 The Power of Reusing Ski Instructor Uniforms35:08 The Unexpected Success of Rental Ski Gear37:27 Building a Vibrant Local Community38:52 The Challenges of Dealing with Clothing Waste42:03 The Potential of Repurposing Unusable Fabric53:58 The Creation of the Reaction Collective58:21 The Future of Sustainable Fashion01:03:03 The Value of Membership and Community01:03:19 The Power of Free Participation01:03:50 The Impact of Fees and Hierarchies01:04:20 Exploring Anarchism and Distributed Power01:04:38 The Role of Money and Obligation01:05:10 Creating Something Different and New01:05:21 The Future of Funding and the Collective01:06:01 The Power of Serendipitous Connections01:06:36 The Impact of Positive Action and Community01:07:19 The Need for Funding and the Role of the Citizen01:08:17 The Power of Distributed Organizations01:09:01 The Citizen Story and the Role of Brands01:11:50 The Role of the Citizen in the Reaction Collective01:15:28 The Power of Disruptive Community01:18:43 The Role of Brands in the Collective01:26:43 The Emergence of a New Business Structure01:32:36 The Power of Nature and Community01:35:56 The Role of Film in Community Building01:37:59 The Need for a Platform for Citizen Stories Social Links Linkedin GavinInstagram  Links in ShowRe-Action Collective One Tree At A TimeCitizens Book99p Films