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  • 17. UK General Election special, with Hanover Communications

    This week our Communications Executive, Charlotte Robinson, sits down with Michael Prescott, Hanover’s Managing Director and former Political Editor at The Sunday Times, Joe Derry-Malone, Managing Director of Hanover’s UK Advocacy Team, and Christie Dennehy-Neil, IAB UK’s Head of Policy & Regulatory Affairs to discuss the 2024 UK General Election campaign so far.In this conversation, they get into what's defined the campaign, the immediate priorities for an incoming Labour government, comparisons with 1997 and what the next government could mean for digital advertising and IAB UK members.

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  • 16. ‘Less social media, more Snapchat’, with Snap’s Ronan Harris

    This week our CMO, James Chandler, sits down with Snap’s EMEA President, Ronan Harris, to discuss Snap's recent 'Less social media. More Snapchat' campaign and to discover why the company is seeking to differentiate itself.In this conversation, they get into why users are responding to the less polished feel of Snap, the surge in more creators coming to the platform and how advances in tech - specifically augmented reality - are increasing engagement.Engage returns on Tuesday 4 June - advertisers and agencies go free, book here:
  • 15. The Power of Premium Publishers, LIVE from The Last Thursday Club

    In this special live episode recorded at April's Last Thursday Club, James Chandler chats to Telegraph Media Group's Camilla Child, The Independent's Alistair Smith and GroupM's Michael Clare about cookieless targeting, the role of professional journalism today and why context really does matter when it comes to how your ads are perceived.Tickets for IAB Engage are available at:
  • 14. EURO 2024: Tapping into football fandom

    On this week’s episode, the IAB’s Chief Marketing Officer, James Chandler, is joined by Ginnie Dobson, VP of Commercial and Operations at Footballco, John Cole, Head of Global Client & Agency Solutions at LiveScore Group, and Alex Brown, Head of Sport & Entertainment, at EssenceMediacom UK, to discuss the upcoming EURO 2024 tournament. They get into how brands can navigate influencer partnerships with players and content creators, how they can use live data to really capitalise on the big moments and how those with much smaller budgets can still have an impact. Tickets for Engage 2024 are available here:
  • 13. Digital Adspend 2023 in focus, with IAB UK’s Elizabeth Lane

    To coincide with today’s launch of Digital Adspend 2023, James is joined by Elizabeth Lane, IAB UK’s Head of Insight and Measurement, to unpick the key takeaways to remember. They get into the double-digit growth of the market in the context of the wider economic backdrop, what’s driving spend trends and the addition of a brand-new channel to the report.Check out IAB Digital Adspend 2023 here: for Engage 2024 are available here:
  • 12. Spotlight on sustainability, with GroupM’s Dave Sandham

    This week’s episode sees James sit down with GroupM’s Senior Director for Supply Operations, Dave Sandham, and the IAB’s Director of Transformation, Sophia Haynes, to chat about the IAB’s newly launched Environmental Sustainability FAQs. What’s the rationale, who’s involved and how are the FAQs being used day-to-day by businesses like GroupM? It’s all on the agenda this week.Check out IAB UK's Environmental Sustainability FAQs here: for Engage 2024 are available here:
  • 11. The rise of content creators, LIVE from The Last Thursday Club

    Creator marketing has exploded in recent years, but does it have a long-term future or is it just experiencing a moment? How does creator marketing differ from who we know as traditional 'influencers'? And how can brands authentically incorporate this marketing channel into their media plans?In this special live episode recorded at March's Last Thursday Club, to coincide with the launch of our new creator marketing guide, 'Creator Connections', creator marketing experts from Meta, Publicis Media and Buttermilk chat with James Chandler to unpack how to work with content creators to build your brand.Download 'Creator Connections: Leveraging creator marketing to build your brand' here: for IAB Engage are available at: