The Happy Vagina


Emma Forrest: Busy Being Me

Season 6, Ep. 5

Filmmaker and writer Emma Forrest joins Mika to talk about finally becoming her own woman, free from the traumas of her past. We explore Emma’s experience from heart break to sexting to celibacy and back again - all leading her to finding a deeper freedom. This episode will encourage you to follow your intuition and find your personal wild. Her phenomenal memoir about her exploration with celibacy BUSY BEING FREE is out now wherever you buy your books online or in store!

“I think for all women, who are sexually active, a set amount of time to yourself is a really good idea. And again, the idea if you're going through divorce, if you're older, of freeing yourself from the things you you perceive yourself as having to do (in order) to ‘keep being chosen for the team’, and just saying, I don't want to play. Not for now. It's very liberating, just actively saying: “This is not a game I choose to play”.(Especially when…) nobody gave me the option to sign up for the game in the first place.” - Emma Forrest

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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Amber Mallery: How to Get Kinky

Season 6, Ep. 6
This week Mika is joined by Sexuality Educator and TedX Speaker, Amber Mallery (MPH, AASECT, CSE) who shares her top tips on how to spice up partnered sex. From how to initiate the conversation, to the top fantasies for women, the multiple uses of a blindfold and how to practice safe choking - Amber shares deep insights that will help you navigate these new terrains.Amber recommends setting up safe words: "Safe words are a great way to communicate full thoughts in a quick, short expression. People should have a conversation about their safe words, and I suggest more than one. That way there is some warning, instead of saying, this needs to stop NOW. The easiest to start with are colors, red, green, yellow. This is a seamless way to start using safewords and explore pleasure and kink safely."This episode has been brought to you by Bijoux Indiscrets - the disruptive online store for all the best erotic accessories, pleasure toys, and intimate cosmetics. Bijoux Indescrets primary purpose is to create a new vision of female sexuality and pleasure. Everything they produce is about enjoying more, in a guilt and shame-free way, breaking taboos. Because at Bijoux Indiscrets the team believe that gender equality extends into the domain of pleasure and that the way to empower women is to create products which break the established rules and offer each and every woman tools with which to get to know and take charge of her own pleasure. There is nothing more empowering than knowledge, why not discover more on their website,