The Happy Vagina


Adina Porter: You Are Powerful Beyond Measure

Season 6, Ep. 3

This week we are joined by Adina Porter, Emmy Nominated, award wining actress, Mum and voting rights campaigner. Adina shares her most initiate feelings about the importance of sex work, recovering from bereavement and why adoption was her first choice. This episode is a deep dive into knowing your true worth and the joys of mid life pleasure.

“My mom was adopted. So adoption has always been the only option for me. And when I met my then second husband, on our second date, because I thought it was pretty special - on our second date, I asked him, I said "What do you think about adopting an African American child?” And his response was “Or two!”. And I thought, “that's hot!” - Adina Porter

Adina Porter is an Emmy Nominated, award wining actress, Mum, CARE ambassador and activist campaigning for voting, voting rights and clean water access.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

KNOW YOUR PUBIC with Dr Stephanie Kuku & Dr Frauke Neuser

Season 6, Ep. 7
As Ovarian cancer awareness month draws to a close it’s important to remind ourselves to be mindful of our bodies. Mika isn joined by dr Stephanie Kuku and Dr Frauke Neuser to talk about pubic grooming. Whether you choose to keep your hair, prune or remove it - getting to know your pubic gives you that opportunity to become more familiar, more comfortable with your anatomy so you’re able to notice anything that may be wrong and gives you the time to think about any changes that may have occurred. This KNOW YOUR PUBIC conversation and the campaign by Venus is all about breaking down the pubic taboos which are stopping women from feeling comfortable with and in their own bodies, leading to trepidation about seeking medical advice and support.Venus is proud of its partnership with Lady Garden Foundation, now in its second year, through which they are raising awareness and essential funds for gynaecological health via a limited-edition starter pack in Superdrug. Each pack sold = one donation and these partnerships are so important which is why I am delighted to continue to work with them and champion their #KnowYourPubic campaign. Shaving your pubic hair with the wrong tools can cause irritation, itch during regrowth and ingrown hairs. That’s why the Venus for Pubic Hair & Skin collection is specially designed for the pubic area, whether the hair is there, growing or gone - the full collection is pH balanced and free of parabens, dyes, fragrance, and silicone, and is also dermatologist and gynaecologist-approved. You can try the full range for yourself at all major retailers nationwide, or shop the limited-edition Lady Garden Foundation donation starter pack - only at Superdrug.
Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Amber Mallery: How to Get Kinky

Season 6, Ep. 6
This week Mika is joined by Sexuality Educator and TedX Speaker, Amber Mallery (MPH, AASECT, CSE) who shares her top tips on how to spice up partnered sex. From how to initiate the conversation, to the top fantasies for women, the multiple uses of a blindfold and how to practice safe choking - Amber shares deep insights that will help you navigate these new terrains.Amber recommends setting up safe words: "Safe words are a great way to communicate full thoughts in a quick, short expression. People should have a conversation about their safe words, and I suggest more than one. That way there is some warning, instead of saying, this needs to stop NOW. The easiest to start with are colors, red, green, yellow. This is a seamless way to start using safewords and explore pleasure and kink safely."This episode has been brought to you by Bijoux Indiscrets - the disruptive online store for all the best erotic accessories, pleasure toys, and intimate cosmetics. Bijoux Indescrets primary purpose is to create a new vision of female sexuality and pleasure. Everything they produce is about enjoying more, in a guilt and shame-free way, breaking taboos. Because at Bijoux Indiscrets the team believe that gender equality extends into the domain of pleasure and that the way to empower women is to create products which break the established rules and offer each and every woman tools with which to get to know and take charge of her own pleasure. There is nothing more empowering than knowledge, why not discover more on their website, 
Wednesday, February 22, 2023

ER Fightmaster: Free To Be Me

Season 6, Ep. 2
“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. This week, Greys Anatomy's actor, writer and musician ER Fightmaster joins Mika to discuss their joy at re-finding their lost freedom, how they manage their endometriosis diagnosis and the importance of campaigning for better health care for gender neutral and trans people. This episode is a reflective, insightful and an overwhelming uplifting story of finding one’s true self.“I (felt I) was doing the worst job on earth of being a woman. Because I'm not. And then I got to college and I saw all these queer people. And it dropped off of me that minute - that is my understanding of myself as ugly my understanding of myself as bad. All this shame disappeared the minute that I was around other queer people and no one was forcing this like weird pink on me. Then I was I immediately like, oh, I'm hot. I'm fun. I'm happy and people love me.” - ER FightmasterDon't forget to like, subscribe, rate and review - it helps others find us. Follow us on social media @thehappyvagina & @missmikasimmonsER Fightmaster is a nonbinary actor, writer, comedian and musician from Cincinnati, Ohio. After receiving a Women and Gender Studies degree from DePaul University they traveled the world performing and teaching comedy. (Ok, plot twist.) After a year-long residency at the famed Amsterdam based comedy club Boom Chicago, E.R. returned home to Chicago and toured the country with the world renowned Second City Theatre before taking a spot on their resident stage. E.R.’s television debut was on the series Work In Progress on Showtime. In 2019 E.R. joined the cast of Hulu’s Shrill, a comedy series led by Aidy Bryant based on the memoir of the acclaimed body positivity feminist, Lindy West. In 2021 E.R. was cast as Kai Bartley, the first nonbinary doctor on television for the ABC show Grey’s Anatomy. E.R. played the love interest of one of the show’s longtime leads, Caterina Scorsone (Dr. Amelia Shepherd). The plotline received international acclaim and has been recognized as groundbreaking television for not only the nonbinary community, but for the Queer community at large. While filming Grey’s, E.R. was brought on as a writer for Survival of the Thickest, an upcoming Netflix/A24 comedy series based on the memoir of the effervescent Michelle Buteau. They also lead a LA based band called TWIN, with songs featured on multiple series and films. E.R. is currently finalizing touches on their first solo album, with plans to release new music later this year. They are the 2023 recipient of the Human Rights Campaign Visibility Award.The Happy Vagina podcast is produced by Pineapple Audio Productions This episode was made possible by Momorate Apotetheca a certified organic and cruelty-free care line which gently yet effectively address symptoms associated with common issues such as yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis UTI’s and more.. To find out more go to https://momotaroapotheca.comAnd supported by Jude. Jude supplements are natural, backed by science and approved by doctors. They were co-created with real women and are clinically proven to reduce leaks by 79%. Jude supplements contain a blend of pumpkin seed extract and soy germ extract two very simple – yet highly effective – natural ingredients. Go to and you can receive 10% off with the code THEHAPPYVAGINA10
Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Paloma Faith: Truth & Beauty

Season 6, Ep. 1
Season 6 of The Happy Vagina podcast is kicking off with a woman who inspires us, daily, with her unquashable commitment to truth, Paloma Faith.Paloma and Mika have a very candid chat about our relationships with their Mothers, the impact of having children on women, and how to stay fierce and buoyant in an industry designed for men. This episode is an ode to being yourself and not taking No for an answer.Don't forget to like, subscribe, rate and review - it helps others find us. Follow us on social media @thehappyvagina & @missmikasimmonsPaloma Faith is an actress, mother, Political activist, award winning singer-song writer and multi platinum album selling artist. Follow Paloma Faith @palomafaithThe Happy Vagina podcast is produced by Pineapple Audio Productions This episode was made possible by Jude. Jude supplements are natural, backed by science and approved by doctors. They were co-created with real women and are clinically proven to reduce leaks by 79%. Jude supplements contain a blend of pumpkin seed extract and soy germ extract two very simple – yet highly effective – natural ingredients. Are you ready to start your 12 week course? Go to and you can receive 10% off with the code THEHAPPYVAGINA10And supported by Quanna. Oomf by Quanna is UK’s first all natural water based lubricant that is enriched with CBD and prebiotics, designed to enhance blood flow and pleasure while maintaining a healthy vaginal microflora. Oomf sets itself apart from the rest with its gynaecologist-developed formula, made right here in the UK. It's pH balanced, free from harmful ingredients, and loved by customers who have reported fewer infections and irritations compared to using conventional lubricants. Try Oomf today and feel the difference for yourself! Visit their website And use our code: "THEHAPPYVAGINA20" to get 20% off 
Wednesday, October 5, 2022

JENNIFER GREY: Out Of The Corner

Season 5, Ep. 8
In the Season 5 finalé of The Happy Vagina podcast we are joined by the actress and New York Times best selling author, Jennifer Grey who shares her deepest feelings on being misunderstood as a young starlet and how she fought to remain out of the corner and find a deep sustainable confidence. Just like her memoir, this episode is a coming-of-age story for women of every age, and will empower you to find your truth.Jennifer Grey is best known for her iconic portrayal of Baby in the beloved film classic Dirty Dancing, which earned her a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress, and for her breakout role, as Matthew Broderick's sister in John Hughes's Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Her numerous film, television, and theater credits span decades. More recently, she starred in the acclaimed series Red Oaksand won season eleven of Dancing with the Stars. Grey is currently teaming up with Lionsgate as executive producer and to star in the long-awaited Dirty Dancing sequel. This episode is brought to you by Artah Nutrition. Artah offers targeted supplements and transformative nutrition programmes to help you achieve optimal health. Their incredible products are practitioner strength, sustainably sourced, free from harmful additives and fillers, and use only the best quality ingredients to ensure you achieve results. The range addresses all aspects of our wellbeing, from hormone balance, metabolism and gut health, to immunity, sleep, energy and skin. Right now, they're offering my podcast community 20% off. Just go to and use the code THEHAPPYV to get a discount and start looking and feeling your best. The Happy Vagina podcast is produced by Pineapple Audio Production and in association with AllBright, the leading career network for women. Got a mission, a five-year plan or an outrageous dream? AllBright will have your back. Visit AllBright to join their free community today or download the AllBright app. ALLBRIGHT - A GLOBAL SISTERHOOD FOR AMBITIOUS WOMEN.