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The cheapest way to live to 100?

Season 7, Ep. 80

Welcome to this week's episode! You are in for a treat… we have done the work for you this week by taking some of the BEST bits from our community series and distilling them into one clear message!

Utopia is achievable! You better believe it!

This episode is packed with so much amazing information. It will leave you in deep thought - the good kind! 

Community has been the backbone of our lives and our business. We would not have succeeded without it. Investing in true friendships that nurture our souls, encourage us to be better versions of ourselves and be true to ourselves has always been important to us. We would not be the people we are today or have succeeded in anyway without our community.

So we decide to dig deeper and invite guest speakers to our podcast who virtually specialise on the topic.

However, what we didn’t expect is how much we would learn. We were amazed by our guests who took us on a much deeper journey than we expected, from explorers who have emersed themselves in indigenous tribes, searched far and wide for the longest living and healthiest people, mother earth herself imparting her wisdom, trailblazers who have taken action and created their own localised community… to journalists and the importance of talking to strangers!

A fascinating subject we will forever be exploring. We hope you find this episode enlightening and with a yearning to learn more.

Lots of Love,

Dave & Steve

Produced by Sara Fawsitt and Sean Cahill

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Has spirituality replaced religion? with Gary Gorrow

Season 7, Ep. 86
Why is it so hard to self love?Why is suffering our best teacher?Why is it impossible to quieten the mind?Known as a ‘teacher of teachers’, this week we had the pleasure of speaking to Gary Gorrow, a Vedic Meditation Teacher, a Qualified Ayurvedic Health Coach, Mindfulness Expert and the Creator/Director of SOMA, a world class retreat in Byron Bay. Gary is also a highly sought after Consultant and High Performance Coach. With almost 20 years experience in the meditation space. He has worked with thousands of people from all walks of life and his services are sought after by some of the world’s leading companies for his innovative meditation and mindfulness programs. Gary is passionate about empowering people with techniques that enable them to re-engineer their lives inside and out. His approach synthesises the best of modern science and ancient consciousness based practices. His students come from a range of backgrounds and include Google, GWS Giants, celebrities, CEO’s, health practitioners, athletes, entrepreneurs, creatives, grandparents and children.This episode was a brilliant reminder for us to why we started on our meditation journey so many moons ago. Gary is truly a teacher of teachers, we hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did!Lots of Love,Dave & SteveGet an exclusive 20% off the amazing online platform that is when you enter the promo code HEALTHYPEAR - Healf is where you will find only the best of the best health brands all vetted by their community and validated by experts. We love this platform, you can’t go wrong and it has all our favourite stuff covering the 4 pillars of heath: Eat Move Mind SleepProduced by Sara Fawsitt and Sean Cahill

Let’s take the anxiety out of sleep! with Russel Foster

Season 7, Ep. 85
Why do we have a biological clock?Do you struggle to get up in the morning?Does sleep affect men differently to women?How do you know you are getting enough sleep?Is there a link between sleep disruption and mental health?“Most people don’t have a sleeping problem, they have an anxiety problem”Born in Aldershot in 1959, Russell Foster is an award winning professor of circadian neuroscience at Oxford and the director of the Nuffield Laboratory of Ophthalmology. For his discovery of non-rod, non-cone ocular photoreceptors he received numerous awards including the Zoological Society scientific medal. He has written numerous books, his latest being -  Life Time: The New Science of the Body Clock, and How It Can Revolutionize Your Sleep and Health.According to Russell, when it comes to sleep one glove does not fit all. The notion that we need “8 hours of sleep per day” to be healthy is nonsense says Russell. There are numerous factors that interplay to create a good nights sleep and each one of us is unique to the other.Russell wants to remove the anxiety associated with sleep and get down to the root of why we sleep the way we do. “To understand if you are getting enough sleep the first thing is to ask yourself are you not feeling able to function optimally during the day? Do you need an alarm clock? Does it take you a long time to get up? Do you feel sluggish? Do you need caffeine? Do you need a nap? On your time off do you oversleep? Are you irritable? It’s listening to our bodies! And listening to it carefully as the tired brain can delude itself to think that it’s not tired.In this episode Russell breaks down the biological clock and circadian rhythm, why certain people are morning people vs night owls, how waking up in the night isn’t necessarily a bad thing, how sleep and mental health are linked, how morning light vs evening light effects us and how different types of work could go against our sleep requirements.He really covers it all and will put you at ease if you consider yourself someone who struggles with sleep.A fascinating episode - Enjoy!Lots of Love,Dave & SteveTo find out more about Russell Foster and his work, check out his latest book Life Time: The New Science of the Body Clock, and How It Can Revolutionize Your Sleep and Health.This episode is sponsored by Vivobarefoot Footwear. Vivobarefoot Footwear have given our listenders an exclusive 20% discount when you enter the code HAPPYPEAR20  Genuinely these are the only shoes you will see Dave & Steve wearing!Produced by Sara Fawsitt and Sean Cahill

Female Hormones - is the lack of medical studies ruining women’s health?

Season 7, Ep. 84
We have come to the end of our series of mash-up episodes, and what better way to go out with a bang than with an episode like this!An incredibly important topic. That as a man I (Stephen here) am ashamed to say is not taken more seriously… We have had a number of female health specialists on our podcast, from period pains, menopause, perimenopause to fertility. And what we found amazing is how complex it all is, and perhaps polarising?Should you take the pill, should you not? Should you take HRT, should you not? Should you eat differently to a man? Should you exercise in the same way a man does? The list goes on…There are many different opinions and the one thing we have come to the conclusion is that not all the information is made easily available to women so they can make informed choices for themselves… It also makes you wonder are we lacking in the full picture, why does women’s health bring up so many opposing opinions?So today I would like to bring you on a journey, a journey all about hormones and women's health and what we know from the studies that have been done. We have taken extracts from some of the female experts we have had to date on this podcast, and broken down the potential health risks, symptoms, natural remedies, and medical interventions that could massively improve a female's life and in some cases even prevent much more serious health risks. We hope that after listening to this episode, you, as a woman, can feel much more informed to make the right choices when it comes to hormones. Or to any men listening you gain a better understanding of what a female has to go through and can be better support for your mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, and colleagues. This really is an episode for everyone!Such an important topic, enjoy!Lots of Love,Dave & Steve xProduced by Sara Fawsitt