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Simon Hill on The Proof is in the Plants

Season 4, Ep. 9

What if nutritional information was simple and accessible so that people can make informed decisions about the food they feed themselves and their family? Well, Simon Hill has dedicated a decade to doing just that. Through podcast and website, plant proof, Simon has given a platform to world-renowned doctors and public figures. 

During this chat, we learned what happens to the health outcomes of identical twins when they change lifestyles, the potential connection between diabetic dog and diabetic dog owners. Simon also bravely shared the role that a traumatic family incident kickstarted his interest in fighting chronic disease.

This episode is for people who like data, academic studies and want to use evidence based science to make decisions about their health. Lots of insightful anecdotes so grab a pen and notepad!

To find out more about Simon and his work checkout, Plant Proof Podcast and his book, The Proof is in the Plants 

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Ethical Porn with Erotic Filmmaker Erika Lust

Season 5, Ep. 6
Apparently, 35% of internet downloads involve porn and 50% of UK adults watch porn, according to the Guardian.Something so popular and yet never talked about - why don’t half of us openly admit to each other (or to ourselves) that “yes, I watch porn”?"For most people, porn is what they find on these free online sites and often very misogynistic, aggressive, even racist and not tasteful.”For this week’s podcast guest, Indie erotic filmmaker, Erika Lust, argues that porn can be so much more than that: “I really think we have a possibility here of creating wonderful, beautiful, and diverse films… I think there is a lot of positivity around watching people have great sex together and seeing how they are communicating, especially in a world that struggles with the language of consent.”We admit we were a bit nervous going into the conversation, but we instantly sank right in and found ourselves viewing porn from a new lense.Erika Lustis an award-winning filmmaker who creates sex-positive adult cinema by portraying relatable characters, realistic sex, and offering a more inclusive and cinematic alternative to the mass produced mainstream porn.Over the past 20 years, Erika has defended the importance of having women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ people behind the camera in all key positions and supports burgeoning talent across the globe by producing and financing female and queer guest directors.“More and more youth are turning to porn for sex education, whether we like it or not,” says Erika. According to the Guardian, “teenagers are turning to porn as a sex educational tool because schools do not tell them what to do, but focus only on contraception”.“Young women are constantly coming up to me saying “I am having sexual relations with men and I can’t orgasm, what’s wrong with me?” Many times it is because they are learning about sex through what they see online and they think that is how it should be done - that kind of sex is not stimulating for women.”From how historically affluent white men made sexual entertainment something only for themselves, to how porn is now run by one dominant company posing as a tech company, this episode with Erika is truly fascinating.We hope you found it as eye-opening as we did!Big love,Dave & Steve xYou can find out more about Erika and her work on her website , on instagram @erikalust and checkout her latest short film out tomorrow, Cooking show on

A Happy Perimenopause, is it a myth?

Season 5, Ep. 4
Despite feeling like clueless school kids throughout, this week’s episode was another reminder of just how grateful we are to host this podcast and that women’s issues are also men’s issues!“One in four women leave their workplaces or go part time because they have lost confidence, so society does need to take note of menopause.”Dr Shahzadi Harper is a medical doctor with a holistic approach to women’s health and wellbeing. She is a leading light in the world of perimenopause & menopause and has recently co-authored and published a book called The Perimenopause Solution.A forward-thinking and dynamic doctor withover25 years of experience, Dr Shahzadi is passionate about advocating for positive change and a better understanding of perimenopause/menopause by optimising the way it is perceived.Dr Shahzadi believes that women from all backgrounds and ethnicities should feel empowered in life and that all men should be educated about how to support them.Aside from societal ignorance, we talk libido, HRT, supplements, societal pressures and more…An important conversation, that we hope will encourage you to also have more openly.If you enjoyed it please like, subscribe, leave a review and share!Lots of love,Dave & SteveTo find out more about Dr Shahzadi; checkout her instagram@drshahzadiharper @theharperclinic , her website and of course her new book: The Perimenopause Solution