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How modern moving is ageing us - with Katy Bowman

Season 6, Ep. 79

“Movement is a giant circle of a diagram, it’s any time you change the shape of your body or even the tissues within your body. Exercise is a specific type of movement… you do it to a mode, or a specific time frame… I am just trying to get people to think differently as we are so sedentary culturally that to exercise every day seems like a tone of movement… but we really require a tremendous amount more than just 1 hour a day and it really needs to be distributed better throughout the day.”

Why you might ask is this necessary?

To be able to use our bodies in the future! To be physically fit enough to be able to do the tasks we do now in the future. “You have to water your garden so it continues to produce”, by continuously moving in different dynamic ways throughout the day “you nourish your tissues”.

This week we had the pleasure of speaking to bio-mechanist Katy Bowman, bestselling author, speaker, and a leader in the Movement movement. Katy is changing the way we move and think about our need for movement. 

Katy’s eight books, include the groundbreaking Move Your DNA, have been translated into more than a dozen languages worldwide. Bowman teaches movement globally and speaks about sedentarism and human movement ecology to academic and scientific audiences. She has worked with companies like Patagonia, Nike, and Google as well as a wide range of non-profits and other communities, sharing her “move more, move more body parts, move more for what you need” message. Her movement education company, Nutritious Movement, is based in Washington State, where she lives with her family.

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Lots of Love,

Dave and Steve

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