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Finding Meaning with Jeff Krasno

Season 6, Ep. 2

How do you find meaning? 

In this weeks episode we speak to Jeff Krasno, entrepreneur, author, and podcast host.

Hand-picked by Oprah Winfrey as one of her Super Soul 100 changemakers, Jeff helms Commune Media — offering an assemblage of in-depth wellness courses, podcasts, and other media featuring the field’s foremost experts, including Deepak Chopra, Russell Brand, and Sharon Salzberg.

Drawing on his former career running a record label and a youth spent traveling the globe with his parents, Jeff incepted and created Wanderlust — a series of more than 60 large-scale global events combining innovative yogic instruction and live music that saw thousands of attendees. Featured in media including The New York Times, the events spawned Jeff’s debut book, “Wanderlust” (Rodale), which sold 35,000 copies worldwide.

As host of the Commune podcast, and the author of three books, Jeff presents his audience with knowledge and guideposts to becoming their best selves. Classes, podcasts, and books offer a roadmap to creating a better society through compassion, community-building, and hands-on activism.

Needless to say we go deep with Jeff, finding meaning is only at the helm of our discussion as we meander our way through what it is to truly be present, understanding compassion, trauma, mindfulness and so much more.

We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did.

Lots of love,

Dave & Steve

To find out more about Jeff visit his site:

This episode was produced by Sara Fawsitt and Sean Cahill

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Weight Management Myths with Dr Sue Kenneally

Season 6, Ep. 17
This week we have the wonderful Dr Sue Kenneally with us, the weight management specialist!A General Practitioner, nutritionist and co-founder of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine. Dr Sue sits on the board of Plant Based Health Professionals UK and is SCOPE certified in obesity management, working with the University of South Wales in the study of weight management.We have known Sue for years, having first met her at The Plant-based Doctor Conference in London where we connected immediately. Aside from her qualifications, Sue’s deep understanding of the difficulties of weightmanagement comes from her own personal experience as well as her empathetic nature, “I am not naturally slim myself, I have to work hard to maintain my own weight, and I know that the challenge is real!”After our first encounter in London, we kept up our friendship which eventually blossomed into The Happy Shape Course! A 4 week course where along with Dietician, Rosie Martin, and PT, Zanna Van Dijk, the five of us take on what it truly means to have a happy shape, through education, movement, sleep, food, nutrition, community and most importantly having fun! We debunk the myths, ensure you are never hungry or lacking in delicious food and connect you with a group of like minded people so you forever feel supported.“Getting someone to change their relationship with food is like getting someone to change their relationship with any addictive substance. The only difference is, if I am dealing with a heroin addict I can tell them to stop taking heroin and support them to do that, but I can’t tell someone who is addicted to food to stop eating…”In this episode, Dr Sue takes us through the most common mistakes people make for weight management, the differences between men and women, why calorie counting is pointless, and practical tips you can apply now.A great episode! Enjoy!Lots of Love,Dave & Steve xThis May 30th join us on The Happy Shape Challenge! One month, where we all begin together, guided by Dave, Steve, Dr Sue and Rosie through constant live Q&A’s. Come join us and find out more on how you can feel healthier and happier while maintaining your happy shape! Follow this link for more information:thehappypear./thehappyshapeProduced by Sean Cahill and Sara Fawsitt

Overcoming Abuse and Trauma with Jen Healy

Season 6, Ep. 16
“It’s embarrassing to say: “I was the victim of abuse. I was the victim of domestic abuse.”As a child her home meant violence, her security and safety was the streets - school did not understand her and wanted to punish her - she moved from one abusive relationship to the next one resulting in such physical damage it caused the death of her unborn child. Drugs and alcohol became her only companions, “I had burnt my life to the ground, I would ruin everything I touched because I wasn’t able to be myself, to be honest with myself.”At the age of 25 something happened which changed her life…Jen Healy is a qualified neuroscience life coach, Yin yoga teacher, and cacao facilitator.Her difficult past has shaped her into the powerful, and inspiring woman she is today. With over 13 years experience working frontline in addiction, homelessness and mental health, “I’ve had the privilege to work with some of the most complex cases as part of a multi-disciplinary team including GPs involuntary admissions team and the Resettlement team for the National Forensics Hospital (Central Mental hospital)”Jen came down to the studio and brought a bar of “only female touched” cacao, “honing in on the feminine energies”. We sat in a circle, whispered our intentions as we sipped on the delicious warming drink - would you believe, this was our first cacao ceremony?! We might be enthusiastic vegan yogis but the thought of cacao ceremonies had even been too much for us.We continued to sit and talk for nearly 2 hours during which Jen brought us through her challenging past, and the fundamental moments that has shaped her into being the woman she is today. Through all the depths of what she has been through has blossomed this wisdom, love, generosity, and the capacity to make others feel the emotions of what she and even others have gone through.“She said: “Jen, victims don’t recover”, and I thought the neck of her! Who does she think she is?! I was fuming but I knew in my gut, this bitch is right… I felt like she had a shotgun of truth and I didn’t want to hear it… “The world owes me I have been wronged” - It was exactly what I needed.”Jen has a charm and charisma that draws you in, she wears her vulnerability with pride allowing you to feel totally at ease and trust in her company. A powerful conversation that will bring tears to yours eyes, moments of laughter and leave you feeling warm.Enjoy!Lots of love,Dave & Steve xTo find out more about Jen and her work visit her site: check out her instagram: @yinyogajenProduced by Sean Cahill and Sara Fawsitt

Mental Health - everyday tactics with Dr Julie Smith

Season 6, Ep. 17
Dr Julie Smith is on a mission to make mental health education accessible to all! To help as many people as she can to thrive, by making top-quality mental health education readily available online, so even those who cannot access therapy can get off to the best start in their recovery journey.Dr Julie is a clinical psychologist, online educator, blogger, and owner of a private practice in Hampshire, England. She is also the best-selling author of the book “Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before”.Dr Julie’s short punchy social media post has caught the attention of many followers as she distills serious topics into bite-sized, motivational and visually entertaining snippets.We really enjoyed speaking with Julie, her message is clear, she is not trying to reinvent the wheel with some amazing hack to mental health, it is in her ability to make important information relatable and tangible. We all want that pill to make us better but sometimes what we really need is staring right in front of us!From dealing with and managing anxiety, to stress, and critical inner voices, to relationships and external judgements, we talk through many of the challenges we have in todays society and the tools and techniques that can help us navigate through them.“Your attention is like a spotlight, all these different actors are coming on the stage. You hold the spotlight, you can choose which actor you want to shine it on and which ones you will let pass. Some thoughts will hang around on stage for longer than you wanted them to, but you don’t have to give them the spotlight”Lots of love,Dave & SteveRead more about Dr Julie's work and profile here: her on Instagram to hear her latest updates @drjulieProduced by Sara Fawsitt and Sean Cahill