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  • 1. My Story

    Welcome to the gang...the one you never asked to be apart of. My name is Amber and I’m a 22 year old everyday girl! I lost my mum at 19, 3 years ago from a heart attack and it changed my world forever. My journey with grief has taught me many things, good and bad. This podcast has been created to normalise the conversation of grief amongst the younger generation and to let them know it’s okay to open about your grief and not feel ashamed. Your grief does not define you, but it is a part of you. Please like, subscribe, rate and share this podcast! The more people we reach, the better. Follow the Gang on Instagram and Facebook-

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  • 2. My Experiences With Friendships

    Here’s episode 2 part 1, my friendships and experiences. This is a insight to what I have learned through my grief and friendships. I’ve split this episode into 3 parts to cover all ground! Stay tuned for part 2&3. Big love, Amber xx
  • 3. Grievers, Communicating Your Wants and Needs

    Welcome back to part two of episode two! Part two is all about us, the grievers. Here I'm going to talk to you about what I learnt, wanted and needed from my friendships, from previous friendships to current friendships.  I will cover realistic expectations, unrealistic expectations and the brutal honest truth, because after all that's what this all all about. Short and sweet, enjoy! Big Love, Amber x
  • 4. Friends, some advice for you.

    The last part of the Friendship Episode, Part 3! This one is me talking to and about the friends of grieving people. Send this episode to your pals, whether you're the griever or friend! This is a great way to start that conversation if it's not already happening! Enjoy guys, Big love, Amber x
  • 5. How My Relationship & Grief Coexist (feat. Joe)

    Hey guys, and welcome to episode 3! All about my relationship and how grief flipped it upside down and turned it all around...featuring my lovely lover Joe. I really love this episode, I won’t lie. I love the fact that myself and Joe have opened up about our relationship and shared the truths about how grief can really rock a young relationship. I hope you love it as much as we do, and for any couples that are feeling the wrath of grief on your relationship, trust me when I say, things do get better! Ya just gotta be honest baby♥️ Subscribe, like and share this episode pretty please! Check out The Grief Gang Instagram page too🤗 Big love as always, Amber xxx
  • 6. Family... It's Not Always Smooth Sailing

    Welcome back to Episode 4 of the Grief Gang podcast. This one's all about family. As I’m sure many of you know, grief can change a whole family dynamic in the blink of an eye and change your worlds forever. I hope this episode lets you know that this is normal, and that you and your family aren’t the only ones who may not see eye to eye sometimes! I also hope it gives you the courage to express your feelings with your family members, I know how hard it can be. Enjoy! Don’t forget to subscribe on Spotify and share! Check out the Instagram page too -The Grief Gang Big love as always, Amber xxx
  • 7. Living With Guilt

    Welcome back to another episode of the Grief Gang. This episode is about living with guilt. We all experience guilt when grieving, no matter how big or small. I talk about my own guilt and what I did/ still do to lessen the burden of it. Big love, Amber xxx