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#50 Book Round-Up

Season 3, Ep. 50
This week is our 50th Episode! This week we have our usual storm watch with Liv half hoping we get to storm Olivia and the usual Telly Talk. Highlights include: Booksmart, The Trial of Christine Keeler and both of us have some odd discoveries, from the Icelandic Eurovision entry to Julian Simmons introducing Coronation Street back in 1998. Our main topic this week is books, we go through everything we have been reading (and not finishing it Liv’s case) in the last 6 months. We for the first time (definitely not the last) get to hear from you, our lovely listeners and find out what you have been reading too. Once again we’d really like to thank you for all your emails and audio clips. You are the best, here's to another 50 episodes! Telly Talk JoJo Rabbit: The Trial of Christine Keeler: Emma: Booksmart: A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood: Iceland Eurovision Song: Julian Simmons Introduces Coronation Street UTV 1998: Love is Blind: Daisy Jones & The Six: Modern Love: Books Girl Woman Other, Bernadine Evaristo:  I Am, I Am, I Am: Seventeen Brushes with Death, Maggie O Farrell:   To Kill A Mockingbird, Harper Lee: The Stationery Shop of Tehran, Marjan Kamali: Bunny, Mona Awad: How to Fail: Everything I’ve Ever Learned From Things Going Wrong, Elizebath Day: ME, Elton John: Daisy Jones & The Six, Taylor Jenkins Reid: Mercury And Me, Jim Hutton and Tim Wapshott: The Poetry Pharmacy, William Sieghart: Modern Love: I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts On Being a Woman, Nora Ephron: Our Stop, Laura Jane Williams: I Heart Hawaii, Lindsey Kelk: The Lido, Libby Page: The 24 Hour Cafe, Libby Page: Me and White Supremacy, Layla F. Saad: Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race, Reni Eddo-Lodge: The Comparison Cure, Lucy Sheridan: Green, Elly Pear: Eat Happy, Melissa Hemsley: Ordinary People:

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  • #63 Primary School P.E, A Matilda Disagreement and The Paddington Campaign Trail

    From Strictly sequins (did…Liv, erm, mention she’d had a birthday?) to primary school P.E- it’s a week of joy shared in all it’s shapes and forms (even if the rules of tennis are still just too complicated for some of us). In exciting news, Charlotte gets deep in pesto-appreciation and we do a *LIVE* (fanfare please!) taste test for Have I Got Food For You?! We also discuss big topics like being a Stanley Cup Girlie™, when Liv accidentally pretended to be E.T and that hour-long Bridgerton scene (yes, that one). As you know, we love to hear from you, and the postbag is pretty much our favourite place! Feel free to send us your thoughts, new (late to the party) discoveries and any neighbourhood gossip and dad jokes to, and for photos of things we chatted about you can have a nosey on our IG too (if you're lucky there might be a slideshow style carousel or swanky collage) @fringeofit
  • #62 Our Most Intimate Album Yet and That Sweet 2 Inches

    Resisting the urge to brag about pottery for too long *again*, there's a cruise straight into some top telly recommendations- including a brilliant show you may not have heard of and, in our opinion, a perfect film discovery, with a stellar soundtrack (not to brag or anything). We also begin a delayed catch up of the last four years- from children to breakups, there's a lot to cover- but hey, we've got to start somewhere! Also, and most importantly- the jeans we both can't stop wearing (or talking about)- it's big stuff!As you know, we love to hear from you! It’s the best! Feel free to send us your thoughts, feelings, new (late to the party) discoveries and any neighbourhood gossip to, and for photos of things we chatted about you can have a nosey on our IG too (if you're lucky there might be a slideshow style carousel) @fringeofit
  • #61 Pottery Painting, Bus Encounters and The Tiers of Swiftie

    Oh hello there! This weeks episode is accidentally (or not) peppered with a whole lot of wholesome. From discovering pottery painting, getting into (serious) collaging and the joy of supermarket summer picnic collections (Waitrose and those quiches, we’re looking at you)- it’s a summer feast of all things joyful. That is, until Saltburn comes in. We dive right into how Charlotte fared with a few, cough, certain scenes, the series that Liv has been watching in real time (!!) and get chatting about our better late than never discoveries with a bit of help from you lovely listeners- with a whole lot more in-between. As you know, we love to hear from you! It’s the best! Feel free to send us your thoughts, feelings, new (very delayed) discoveries and any neighbourhood gossip to*that* Gen Z Sex and The City article:
  • #60 The Nanas are Back!

    Oh hello, look who it is! After an unplanned four year hiatus, your two favourite (now fringe-less) grandmas are back, and we have A LOT to catch you up on. Strap in.The new season kicks off with a mammoth edition of Telly Talk, where we pick our favourite TV and films from the past 4 years. Easy, right!? We also welcome in two shiny new features, dip our hands into the bulging postbag, and tease what you can expect to hear over the next few months.As you know, we love to hear from you! Send us your thoughts, feelings and any neighbourhood gossip to
  • #59 The Start of Quarantales, A Normal People U-Turn and Isolation Hair Cuts

    With a week of Covid confusion, we are back with some (hilarious) Quarantales (from screaming neighbours to Blackbird Omens), a follow up of that Normal People conversation, a conversation about '90s films (and if we can get past some problematic aspects) as well as discussing the important topic of... are fringe trims the new foreplay? Plus THE DISCOVERY OF SAUSAGE ROLLS (kind of).Things we spoke about:Normal people - out - - Been Kissed - Lets Flats - - - Obama -
  • #58 Normal People, Golden Gods and Thursday Wobbles

    This week we catch up on everything we’ve been up to in Lockdown, including anniversaries, birthday’s and emotional roller coasters. We also have our usual telly talk chat featuring a big discussion about Normal People which we will finish next week. We also this week do our semi-regular feature fridge fantasies, where we share with you all the best things in our fridges at the moment. We hope you are all doing ok at home and staying safe. Remember to email us any funny Lockdown stories you have for next weeks episode. Thanks! x Telly Talk:Normal People : Sunrise: Beautiful Thing?: Have I Ever: Limmy’s Homemade Show: The Sound of Music:  Bug Juice: Fantasy:The Anna edit cookies: cakes: Patak’s microwave Pappadums: Pascal’s Flapjack: Mousse Recipe: Jus rol Pain Au Chocolat: Rol Pizza Base:
  • #57 Catching Breath, Crying and Existing

    This week is a catching up episode after last weeks break. We talk about our Instagram live we did where we mostly spoke about our favourite crisp flavour for some reason. We chat about some interesting family members, meeting The Beatles and working on The Thunderbirds. Also we get you up to date with everything we have been watching in our usual Telly Talk. Next week our topic is Funny Quarantine Tales, so do get in touch and let us know via a voice note or a plain old email what’s been happening on the funnier side of Quarantine.  Telly talk:The Most Beautiful Thing: of Books:’ve got mail: Bodyguard: Day: Night In: Days a Week: The Touring Years: Beatles Anthology:’s Website:’s Website: @thefringeofitInstagram @fringeofit  
  • 56. #56 Self Isolation Kicking In, A Craft Addiction & A Meg Ryan Marathon

    This week self isolation finally kicks in, and we had to avoid not renaming the podcast 'The Cheek of It'. All grumbles aside, we're thrown into Easter weekend nattering (and June's over-indulgent egg hunt), our new favourite (and least favourite) rom-coms, Michael NOT Martin Sheen, the great pickle shortage of 2020, Charlotte's new crafting passion and a very special Betty Magazine charity relaunch. Thank you so much for tuning in, and as always- we hope you're staying safe and looking after each other.Sleepless in Seattle Story Wedding Repeat River Charity link
  • 55. #55 Overcome by crisps, Mind craft? and Failed Pizzas

    Shopping and Fridge fantasy special. We go through everything we've been buying or putting on our wish lists the last few weeks. We also talk baout the products we cannot live without in our fridges and Charlotte reveals her Butter hoarding. Liv tells a story of a made from scratch pizza that didn't end very well, Charlotte gets confused by the name of a very popular computer game and of course we've been watching in lock down in Telly Talk. Hope you are all staying safe and staying at home. Until next week.Frasier - Ken Cheng thread - la conte @youngvulgarian - Isla Anne Scottish lady link - Blunt, 'Hamilton' cast surprise girl on John Krasinski's YouTube- Craft: Talk:When harry met sally:’ve got mail: in Seattle: fine day: Tots tv: in black: River: chat:Girlfriend active wear - - Oh pioneers - fantasyOlio app: roll Sourdough pizza base -’s chocolate - anna edit cookies - bakery cookies - Ravneet Gill The Pastry Chefs Guide Book -