The Fringe Of It


#58 Normal People, Golden Gods and Thursday Wobbles

This week we catch up on everything we’ve been up to in Lockdown, including anniversaries, birthday’s and emotional roller coasters. We also have our usual telly talk chat featuring a big discussion about Normal People which we will finish next week. We also this week do our semi-regular feature fridge fantasies, where we share with you all the best things in our fridges at the moment. We hope you are all doing ok at home and staying safe. Remember to email us any funny Lockdown stories you have for next weeks episode. Thanks! x Telly Talk:Normal People : Sunrise: Beautiful Thing?: Have I Ever: Limmy’s Homemade Show: The Sound of Music:  Bug Juice: Fantasy:The Anna edit cookies: cakes: Patak’s microwave Pappadums: Pascal’s Flapjack: Mousse Recipe: Jus rol Pain Au Chocolat: Rol Pizza Base:

#55 Overcome by crisps, Mind craft? and Failed Pizzas

Ep. 55
Shopping and Fridge fantasy special. We go through everything we've been buying or putting on our wish lists the last few weeks. We also talk baout the products we cannot live without in our fridges and Charlotte reveals her Butter hoarding. Liv tells a story of a made from scratch pizza that didn't end very well, Charlotte gets confused by the name of a very popular computer game and of course we've been watching in lock down in Telly Talk. Hope you are all staying safe and staying at home. Until next week.Frasier - Ken Cheng thread - la conte @youngvulgarian - Isla Anne Scottish lady link - Blunt, 'Hamilton' cast surprise girl on John Krasinski's YouTube- Craft: Talk:When harry met sally:’ve got mail: in Seattle: fine day: Tots tv: in black: River: chat:Girlfriend active wear - - Oh pioneers - fantasyOlio app: roll Sourdough pizza base -’s chocolate - anna edit cookies - bakery cookies - Ravneet Gill The Pastry Chefs Guide Book -

#54 Exercise, Disney+ and The Figgy Pudding Lady

Ep. 54
This week our topic is all about our changing attitudes to moving our bodies. We talk about the way our relationship has changed over the years going from exercise for weight loss to exercising to improving our state of mind. HELLO ENDORPHINS! We also hear from you, our listeners and find out what exercise means to you. We also have our usual telly talk chat and solve the mystery of the Figgy Pudding Lady once and for all. We hope you are all staying safe and staying home. Enjoy and of course if you wish to contact us visit the Facebook page, Instagram or email us: Links: Talk:Figgy Pudding Lady: Friday: Parent Trap: Princess Diaries: Princess Diaries 2: Mandolorian: and Stitch: Your Enthusiasm: Made: Links:House Party: Up: App: Out People:Sitdown AJ: Your Frame: A irl Fitness: with Adriane: Wicks: Marshall: @jemmas_health_hub

#53 Desert Island Films Special

Ep. 53
This week we have our usual Telly talk then we take you on a trip through some of our favourite films. We both pick our childhood film, coming of age film, film we’ve watched the most, favourite musical and the film we think everyone should watch. If you do find yourself staying at home we hope you are finding lots of ways to keep yourself entertained. Perhaps the films mentioned here can give you something to fill your time with. Now off to find Freaky Friday… Telly talkKnives Out:’s Creek: Guys a Week: Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool: Made: 2: island Films:Childhood film:The secret garden: little princess: Poppins: Dead Fred: of Age Film:Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging: babysitters club: and then: you’ve watched the mostDirty Dancing: Famous: musicalLes Miserables: Friday: film Everyone Should WatchRocky: Days of Summer:

#52 Little French Attics, Bidets and Pockets of Joy

Ep. 52
This week the podcast comes from a self-isolating Liv in London and a kind of isolated Charlotte in theFrench countryside. We cover things to do while self-isolating at home (we got this!), ways to keep yourself frombecoming overwhelmed by the news with of course lots of Telly Talk. Highlights includeyet another conversation about Love is Blind, First Dates being back and Bake Off SU2C. We hope you are all safeand well, and looking after each other. Sending so much love to everyone!Telly Talk:Love is Blind: For Humans: Feet: of It: Trip: Dates: Guys A Week: Off SU2C: and Julia: The legend of Shep Gordon: We Did On Our Holiday: Fantastic: for Sugarman: Love: Girls: Creek: Nine Nine: Links:Arnold Schwarzenegger and his tiny horses: thread about marrying Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has goneviral: First Dates: George: Bank: Trussell Trust: Happy Newspaper: Insecure Girls Club: Gordon: Fringe Of It Facebook group:

#51 Creative Ruts, Detective Daughters and Vocal Warm Ups

Ep. 51
This week we discuss how to get out of a creative rut. We get some advice from fellow creatives including, Medina Grillo, Hannah Bullivant, Sarah Tasker and Camille Roman Dixon. We also ask each other some questions sent in from our amazing listeners. Telly talk this week is Steve Coogan heavy with The Trip and Greed. We also get to discuss at length and including massive spoilers, Love is Blind the reunion.Telly Talk:The Trip To Greece: Your Enthusiasm: is Blind: Jacklin Website: Purvis Website: Grillo Website: https://grillo-designs.comHannah Bullivant Website: Tasker Website: Roman Dixon Website: Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert: Tasker Hashtag Authentic: Links:Tim Walker Exhibition: Mccartney Exhibition: Magazine: