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  • 21. "Get Off Your BACKSIDES!" - Julia Hartley-Brewer BLASTS Brits Who "Choose" Not To Work

    Home Secretary James Cleverly told the Commons: “We will stop immigration undercutting the salary of British workers. We will increase the skilled worker earnings threshold by a third, to £38,700 from next spring in line with the median full-term wage for those kinds of jobs.“Those coming on health and social care visa routes will be exempt so we can continue to bring in the healthcare workers on which our care sector and NHS rely.“Thirdly, we will scrap cut-price shortage labour from overseas by ending the 20% going-rate salary discount for shortage occupations and reforming the shortage occupation list.“I have asked the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) to review the occupations on this list because of our new higher-skilled worker salary thresholds, and we will create a new immigration salary list with a reduced number of occupations in co-ordination with the MAC.”Julia Hartley-Brewer is joined by Conservative MP Jonathan Gullis who says that the Government must “invest in people in Britain” to fill jobs currently occupied by foreign nationals.“Working in a care home is actually very valued and respected profession.”
  • 20. Keir Starmer SLAMMED by left-wing MPs for praising Thatcher f.t. Aaron Bastani

    Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer has been criticised for praising Margaret Thatcher in his recently released article for the Telegraph.Co-founder of Novara Media, Aaron Bastani, believes that the piece was “aimed at wavering Tory voters” who may be disgruntled with the party.
  • 19. "I Will NEVER Forgive Those ****!" Julia Rages At Officials Who Implemented Mandatory Face Masks

    TalkTV's Julia Hartley-Brewer is joined by commentator Russell Quirk, who says Matt Hancock’s Covid Inquiry testimony will be about “deflecting blame.”The former Health Secretary is expected to contest accusations made about his performance during the pandemic as he appears before the UK Covid-19 Inquiry today.Discussing the handling of the pandemic, Julia rails against "beep beeps beeps" who made children wear masks in school: "I will never forgive them... I want these people sued within an inch of their lives!"
  • 18. Julia's FURIOUS clash with Donnachadh McCarthy over COP28 green agenda

    Julia clashes with Donnachadh McCarthy over UK clean energy use.Donnachadh: “My God Julia, do you know what we invented 50 or 60 years ago - a battery!”Julia: "We don't have the battery capacity for a nation - that is a flat out lie and you know it! It's a lie!"
  • 17. Ben Habib: "Politicians DON'T CARE about the social fabric of Britain!"

    Reform UK’s Ben Habib accuses the government of ‘not caring’ about reducing migration.“Our politicians really don’t give a damn about the social fabric of nation states. They allow our language to be hijacked, our history to be trashed!”