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  • 10. 2024 trends in content licensing and commissioning

    The past year has seen studios and streaming services shift their attention towards revenue growth and profitability, a move which has had significant impacts on how these companies approach their content. In this episode of The Amp Podcast, Nick Thomas sits down with Fred Black, Hannah Walsh and Lottie Towler to discuss the trends in content commissioning and licensing which we expect to define 2024.Production by Rory Gooderick.Follow Ampere Analysis on Twitter: @AmpereAnalysisSign up to The Amp weekly newsletter here
  • 9. Netflix's gaming strategy, and analysing investment trends in the sports and gaming industry

    In this episode Senior Analyst Joe Hall discusses Netflix's gaming strategy, and what the streamer might be planning with its new venture. Also, Piers Harding-Rolls looks at investment activity in the gaming industry, and Dan Harraghy analyses the increasing fragmentation of sports rights deals.Production by Rory Gooderick.Follow Ampere Analysis on Twitter: @AmpereAnalysisSign up to The Amp weekly newsletter here
  • 8. Theatrical's role in content monetisation

    In the latest edition of The Amp Podcast, we discuss all things theatrical, and content monetisation. What is the current state of the global theatrical market in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic? How has this been impacted by the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes? And how can a theatrical run be used to promote content before its made available on streaming? We have answers to all these questions, and many more, on this months episode.
  • 7. The streaming shift: Exploring the rise of FAST channels

    In this special edition of The Amp Podcast, Executive Director Richard Broughton sits down with Valerio Motti, VP of FAST Channels at Fremantle, Marion Ranchet, founder of The Local Act Consultancy, and Ampere's Dan Monaghan, to discuss all things FAST (that's free, ad-supported streaming TV). We discuss the origins of this new service, what content works best on a FAST channel, and the challenges facing this industry going forward.
  • 6. The future of linear and public service broadcasters

    On this week's show, Alice Thorpe sits down with Cyrine Amor and Minal Modha to discuss the future strategies of public service broadcasters to retain relevance, and how viewing habits for linear and streaming are evolving.
  • 5. The TV and streaming industry in Europe

    In this months episode, we discuss the current and future state of the TV and streaming industry in Europe. Nick Thomas talks to Sam Young about the battle over theatrical release windows in France, Neil Anderson about consolidation in the TV industry across Europe, and finally Jaanika Juntson discusses SkyShowtime's recent rollout in Europe. Production by Rory Gooderick.Follow Ampere Analysis on Twitter: @AmpereAnalysisSign up to The Amp weekly newsletter here