The Rewriters


Ep4. Self-acceptance and coming full circle - with Tim Lodge

Season 1, Ep. 4

Welcome to Episode 4 of The Rewriters.

The Rewriter we feature in this episode is Paralympic Athlete, Wellbeing Advocate and Entrepreneur, Tim Lodge.

Tim spent his 20s and 30s living the high life with a successful career in Corporate Finance. Although on the outside, he had all the trappings of success, on the inside he was suffering and by his 40s he was drinking daily and struggling with anxiety and depression.

This all changed when at age 41 he received a phone call that would change his life in ways he could never have imagined.

Although Tim’s story of transformation is remarkable, this isn’t a story of achieving the unimaginable, it’s the story of uncovering who you are, self-acceptance and coming full circle – it’s the story of a man and his boat.

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Ep12. Intuitive career change and creating 'the sweet life' - with Sarah Potter

Season 2, Ep. 12
Welcome to 'The Rewriters' podcast. In this episode I speak with Sarah Potter AKA La Dolce Vita Coach. Sarah is a Hypnotherapist and Emotional Intelligence Coach, she offers Reiki, Marketing for healers, coaches and therapists and she's also a Vegan Cake Maker! Sarah describes herself as a 'multi-potential' woman. We talk about what this means during our conversation, but essentially Sarah has lots of loves and different threads to her career. She is unapologetic about it and she loves to help other women unfurl their own multi-potential careers too.Coaching and hypnosis helped Sarah get unstuck from an outwardly successful life in international marketing that left her feeling hollow inside. Using many of the tools we discuss in this episode, she was able to build a life that embraced her love for travel, service and creativity – all supported by a portfolio (or multi-potential) career.During our conversation we also discuss the role intuition and values played in her career changes and try to dispel some of the myths about changing your mind mid-career.Work with Sarah: Connect via Instagram and find out more about her signature programme, La Dolce Vita® Resilience Boost here: The next 6-month programme starts November 2021.Work with Monique:Connect with me on Instagram or subscribe to my newsletter The Weekly Rewrite here: My flagship 6-week group programme Rewrite Your Career Story starts again in January 2022. Join the Waiting List ( to be the first to hear when enrolments open. Visit to find out more.The Rewriters is written, produced and presented by Monique Shaw. Original artwork by Ciana Perry and original music by DJ Cinnamon.

Ep11. Is alcohol holding you back? – with Izzy McLean

Season 2, Ep. 11
My guest is Izzy McLean, a Transformational Coach and founder of The Whole Of The Moon, who works with women to help them make the changes they want to see in their lives. One of her key programmes She Bangs the Drum is dedicated specifically to women wanting a more positive relationship with alcohol.Driven by her desire to understand and get a handle on her relationship with alcohol, Izzy spent many years studying the science and practice of behaviour change before training as a coach and resigning from her leadership role in education to start her own coaching practice. Now, she's on a mission to share what she has learnt and help other women make the changes they want to see in their lives too. During this conversation Izzy and I share the reasons why we each decided to reassess our relationship with alcohol and where we’re at in our own journeys. This episode was created for anyone who has a niggle that their relationship with alcohol might not be working for them either.For more from Izzy...Access the free resources Izzy refers to in our conversation: a conversation with Izzy: one of Izzy’s coaching programmes: and with Izzy:;; with MoniqueSign up to ‘The Weekly Rewrite’: Out each Wednesday, it's rich with tools, insights and stories to help you create a work/life you love. If you enjoy this episode, share on social #TheRewritersPod (I'm, give it a 5 stars and share it with a friend. The Rewritersis written, produced and presented by me,Monique Shaw. Original music byDJ Cinnamon.