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The Wrap - Celebrating 10 years of the patient portal

Season 5, Ep. 15

The Michigan Medicine patient portal recently celebrated its 10th anniversary! This week’s episode of The Wrap employee podcast gives listeners an inside look at the team behind the portal and the features and tools it provides to faculty, staff and patients. Of course, there's also the trivia contest where you can win a prize! Check it out today.

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  • 16. The Wrap - Meet the Office of the Staff Ombuds

    Did you know that the Office of the Staff Ombuds is a confidential, impartial and safe place for all non-bargained for employees to discuss workplace concerns? The team is perfectly situated to help you through any issues you may be facing. But who are the team members that comprise this important office? Check out the latest episode of The Wrap to meet these four important colleagues and find out why the work they do is vital to your success!
  • 15. The Wrap - Million Meals Mission

    In the fall of 2022, Michigan Medicine announced its million meal mission – an ambitious goal to raise the equivalent of 1 million meals for Washtenaw County citizens, in collaboration with Food Gatherers. As of today, faculty and staff have contributed the equivalent of nearly 390,000 meals, almost 40% percent of the way toward our target. Why is fighting food insecurity so important in Washtenaw County? And how will your contributions directly help those who need support? Find out on the latest episode of The Wrap employee podcast, featuring Director of Community Health Services Alfreda Rooks and Food Gatherers’ Markell Miller!
  • 14. The Wrap - Sustainability at Michigan Medicine

    A new initiative from anesthesiology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions … plans to create a forward-looking, innovative new hospital focused on protecting the environment … These are just two of the countless ways Michigan Medicine is working to lessen its impact on the planet. Those initiatives – and much, much more – were part of a larger discussion on the latest episode of The Wrap. Listeners will also learn easy tips on how they can work to reduce their carbon footprint in their daily lives, and find a chance to win a great prize! Check it out today.
  • 13. The Wrap - Sparking curiosity in biomedical education

    What’s the secret to success when it comes to being both a scientist and an educator? Curiosity. That’s according to Michael Hortsch, Ph.D., a professor of cell and developmental biology and learning health sciences at Michigan Medicine. Hortsch, who recently won the AAA Henry Gray Distinguished Educator Award, joined The Wrap to discuss his role and how he approaches teaching the next generation of biomedical scientists. Check out more of his fascinating conversation today!
  • 12. The Wrap - Chain of Command and why it's so important

    Do you know who to talk to or how to speak up when you observe a situation that you believe compromises the safety of a patient, employee or visitor? Having a well-established Chain of Command in your area is essential, whether you work in patient care, education, research or shared services. On this week’s episode of The Wrap, two colleagues stopped by to discuss the importance of Chain of Command and to share personal stories on how it has helped alleviate concerns across the organization. They also offer tips that will make it easier to speak up for safety. Check it out today!
  • 11. The Wrap - Quality Forums

    Introducing Quality Forums at Michigan Medicine! Taking place bi-monthly, Quality Forum meetings are open to anyone interested and allows different teams to present their quality improvement or patient safety work. Listen to this week’s episode of The Wrap employee podcast to learn more about Quality Forums and exciting plans for future presentations. You can also hear from this month’s presenter on her important improvement work and, of course, win a prize in the weekly trivia contest! Check it out today!
  • 10. The Wrap - Healthcare Equity Month and Black Maternal Health Week

    March 20 marked the beginning of Healthcare Equity Month, an important time designed to raise awareness, encourage action and showcase Michigan Medicine- and U-M-led efforts around systemic inequities experienced by historically marginalized and underrepresented groups. The month will also feature Black Maternal Health Week. Learn more about these important initiatives, and how you can support them, on the latest episode of The Wrap employee podcast. And don't forget to enter the weekly drawing for the chance to win a prize!
  • 9. The Wrap – Patient Safety Awareness Week

    Patient Safety Awareness Week 2023 is almost here! From March 12-18, we will recognize patient safety and its crucial role within our organization and across the country. Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about the origins of Patient Safety Week and this year’s activities taking place at Michigan Medicine, including swag giveaways and a contest! 
  • 8. The Wrap - National Recognition Month

    Recognition Month is here and The Wrap employee podcast is ready to celebrate! This week’s episode features two members of the organization’s Recognition Program, who discuss new initiatives, how you can be sure you’re thanking colleagues in your area and some of their favorite stories of gratitude toward team members over the years. Of course, there's always a chance to win a prize in the weekly trivia contest, too. Check it out today!