The Iraq War... In Alaska

If you were asked what you thought about the Iraq War in Alaska, you'd probably be more than a little confused. But that confusion might turn to shock when you learn about the conflict's controversial legacy of destruction in America's 49th state, of all places.

Despite long-held local protests and previous restrictions, the US Department of Defense controversially reopened Eagle River Flats - an Alaskan estuary that had been historically polluted with white phosphorous munitions - for weapons testing & training during the Iraq War.

In this episode James is joined by Dr Matthew Leep, the researcher who pioneered a damning study on the issue, who helps us understand the broader impact of war well outside the regions of declared conflict - and how war has also impacted animal life, plant life and a whole range of flora & fauna in Alaska.

Edited and sound designed by Aidan Lonergan.

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