How The USA Supplied WW2

Before America officially entered the Second World War in December 1941, it offered the allies significant support in terms of military supplies and funds. A well oiled and efficient machine, American industry was serving the war effort from September 1940, and it's output only increased as the War went on. Over time, America provided two thirds of the Allies' military equipment, including 2 million army trucks and nearly 300,000 aircrafts. But where was this all happening, and how was it sustainable for the people running the show?

In this episode, James chats to Len Roberto at the Connecticut Air and Space Museum, about this fascinating moment of American History. Due to it's location on the Atlantic coast, Connecticut was a hub of innovation and industry during the Second World War. So what's there to be learnt about this lesser known part of American History, and just how much did it influence the War?

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