The Toxin Terminator


Wendy Cardell

Ep. 9

Wendy Cardell digs in deep about what toxins are, what toxins you want to avoid and why, as well as where you can find the toxins so you can begin enjoying a healthy life!

On this episode:

  • Hear about the chronic illnesses that served as the catalyst for Wendy's lifestyle change.
  • Learn natural remedies for Candida.
  • Discover the harmful chemicals found in cleaning products, common foods, and other items we come in contact with every day.
  • Aimee and Wendy discuss how to determine if an information source is accurate.
  • Wendy talks about the problems that arise when companies exchange public safety for monetary gain.
  • When does "organic" actually mean "organic?"
  • Hear the benefits that Wendy and her family have experienced after removing toxins and utilizing natural products.

Wendy Cardell:

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