The Toxin Terminator


Melissa Poepping

Ep. 20

My guest on this episode of The Toxin Terminator is Melissa Poepping, who believes that you can write your story the exact way you want to see it.

Melissa once thought that she was ‘born into the wrong story.’ She came from humble beginnings and spent many mornings waiting in line with her mother at the Salvation Army each week for basic food. In many ways, her past and the people in it have had a huge impact on her life today.

Listen in to find out how she used her grandparents’ recipes and essential oils to create natural, healthy and safe products that prompted her to create The Chemical-Free Home series and launch Savvy Minerals, a company dedicated to toxin-free cosmetics.

Find out about:

  • How Melissa was introduced to a toxin-free lifestyle
  • How Melissa created natural products using her grandparents’ recipes and making them even better with essential oils
  • What you can expect to find inside The Chemical-Free Home book series
  • How to remove toxic thoughts from your mind
  • How to overcome fears and rewrite your story

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