The Toxin Terminator


Lisa King

Ep. 2

On this episode of the Toxin Terminator, your host, Aimee Carlson, chats with Lisa King. Lisa is the definition of a busy woman. She is a wife, mother, soon-to-be grandmother, blogger, as well as a pharmacist for over thirty years! She's a certified life coach and co-authored the Amazon best-selling book, TINY LIFE CHANGES. She was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis 25 years ago, and by eliminating toxins in her life and modifying how she eats, she has been off all her medications and without symptoms for 16 years.

On this episode:

  • Lisa shares about how seeing her family battle breast cancer provoked her to begin researching how toxins affect us.
  • Hear strong, insightful definitions for the word "toxin."
  • Discover the dangerous truths about many artificial scents found in laundry detergent, air fresheners, and other common products.
  • Find out how Lisa has helped herself and other women overcome UTI's by removing certain toxins.
  • Learn the inspiration for Lisa's book, TINY LIFE CHANGES.
  • Better understand the balance between holistic and traditional medicine.
  • Lisa give three amazing tips for those beginning their toxin free journey.

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