The Toxin Terminator


Lisa Gumieniuk

Ep. 14

This week on the Toxin Terminator podcast, Aimee dives deep into the power of energetic healing therapies with Lisa Gumieniuk.


Lisa is passionate about ridding the body of emotional toxicity and negative energy. She is a holistic, resilience and transformation coach and is an EFT Level II certified practitioner. 


In this episode:

  • How the body shares negative emotions with you
  • Using color to clear toxic energy
  • A quick lesson in EFT
  • A practical Karate Chop EFT tip
  • Using essential oils for energy work


Resources mentioned:

Book: The Science of Tapping by Dr. Peta Stapleton, PhD.


Lisa Gumieniuk:

Inner West Women



Inner West Women Facebook Group

You will love Lisa’s enthusiasm and her positive vibration comes through the screen.


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