The Toxin Terminator


Cathy Jamison

Ep. 23

My guest on this episode of The Toxin Terminator podcast is the host of the Live Your Best Life podcast, Cathy Jamison. Cathy has dealt with food sensitivities from a very early age and it would cause her to experience severe meltdowns and stuttering issues as a child.

Things didn’t improve much for Cathy in adulthood until she decided to do something about it herself. However, she didn’t want to just go on a diet and lose weight. She truly wanted to pursue and live a healthier lifestyle by removing toxins from her life completely.

Listen to Cathy’s phenomenal story and hear how she managed to turn her health around and finally start living her best life.

Find out about:

  • Why Cathy started the Live Your Best Life podcast
  • Cathy’s experience with food sensitivities from childhood to adulthood
  • The relationship between the food we eat and our overall health
  • How Cathy got rid of toxins from her life
  • What Cathy has planned for the future

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