The Toxin Terminator


Bobbi Schaben

Ep. 15

In this week’s episode, Aimee speaks to a long-time friend who has overcome some major health difficulties by integrating a toxin-free lifestyle into her day to day routine.

Bobbi Schaben is a home-schooling mother, business owner and international speaker who loves teaching others about living a lifestyle of wellness, purpose, and abundance. 


Her challenges with her health as a young adult forced her to change her mindset around the water we drink and the food we eat by following the principles of her Christian faith.


In this episode:

  • What rock bottom can look like and how it can trigger transformation
  • How God and the Bible guided Bobbi to wellness
  • 3 practical tips on toxin-free living
  • What the Bible says about essential oils
  • Her program that helps families with focus and attention issues

This is a fascinating, educational, and inspiring story. Bobbi is so passionate about being a part of something bigger than herself and having a part in transforming lives around the world. We hope you will appreciate her peaceful enthusiasm that emanates from this discussion.



Bobbi Schaben:





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