The Toxin Terminator


Amy Bull

Ep. 22

Do you want to learn how you can become more self-aware and in control of not your mind and body, but how you respond to certain situations in your life?

Amy Bull is an Integrative Health & Wellness Coach who helps people create a balanced and healthy lifestyle, filled with purpose, passion, and joy. With 23 years of experience managing a busy lifestyle, working in the corporate world and running a non-profit organization, Amy knows how challenging it can be to balance it all without sacrificing our health and happiness in the process.

I’m so grateful to have Amy join me on this potentially life-changing episode of The Toxin Terminator podcast to discuss five easy steps you can take to help you become more self-aware and achieve optimal health and wellness.

Find out about:

  • Why self-awareness is so important
  • How being more self-aware can impact other areas of your health
  • How to calm your body in times of high-stress and overwhelm
  • The importance of getting enough sleep and exercise
  • The power of writing and releasing your inner ‘creative juices’

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