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Episode 025 Cancer Surviving Cop

Season 1, Ep. 25

We are joined today by Terry Tucker (age 62) in Denver, Colorado. A former patrol officer, SWAT negotiator and undercover cop, Terry shares his story of danger as a law enforcement officer and his eventual struggle with cancer. Todd and Terry talk about drugs and the greed that drives abuse. Born in Southside of Chicago, he is the oldest of 3 brothers. He started out playing NCAA division one basketball as a person who stands 6 foot 8 inches tall. Professionally, he started out at Wendys corporate and ended up pivoting into law enforcement - despite his father not wanting him to pursue a career in law enforcement. He waited until his passing to pursue this new career. Todd shares his appreciation for law enforcement officers and believes they get a bad rap due to misconceptions in society.

Terry shares perspectives as a police officer, his desire to serve and various personal stories. He expresses how traumatizing shooting someone is and the impact it has on a police officer. He shares how this sort of experience impacts the life of the shooter forever. Terry recounts stories from his first calls as a law enforcement officer. Todd shares a couple of stories from his past experiences with marijuana in high school. Terry talks about his progression throughout the ranks of law enforcement and how that evolved into creating a school security consulting company to help protect schools from violent encounters. We talk about Uvalde and why it's become so important for schools to have a plan and resources to protect the lives of it's students and faculty.

Terry shares how drugs, alcohol and mental illness cause the need for law enforcement protection. He also shares from his perspective how the media changes the dynamics and facts in various situations. Todd shares a story about his experience with The Landmark Forum and how it taught him to live in true integrity, eliminate filters we see the world through, and how it changed his perspective forever.

His battle with cancer started about 10 years ago and talks about surviving amputation and dealing with the challenges of the disease. He talks about the details of his struggle and how Faith in something bigger than himself has helped him. Todd shares details about Royal Rife and The Rife Machine, as well as how he learned about homeopathy and the effectiveness of essential oils. We discuss how the body operates on a frequency response cycle. Todd shares details about The Water Experiment and how our thoughts impact our physical health and dynamics.

Terry shares how he wished for death and found strength and life through God. He discusses how he chose to live and face the challenges he had been dealt. He reminds to be careful what you think because it has a lasting impact on life. It's important to make something positive out of negative thoughts. Todd talks about his battle with depression and the dark hole he fought to escape. Terry shares how he went from "glass half empty" to "glass half full" mentality. He states that changing the narrative with positive thoughts and outcomes helps to change your perspective. We must keep hope alive.

In his book "Sustainable Excellence - 10 principles to leading your uncommon and extraordinary life", Terry discusses why it's important to discover your unique gifts and purpose in life. His sense of purpose in helping others through his unique experiences led him to write the book. Terry defines success as "piece of mind that is the direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing that you did your best to become the best of what you are capable of becoming". He reminds that people comparing themselves to others can interfere with the ability to understand and achieve success.

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    Join us for a riveting discussion with Cathy Perez from Phoenix, Arizona. Cathy and I discuss decluttering for mental wellness, and engage in a humorous yet thoughtful conversation about the blazing heat in the Southwest US, the stark differences between dry heat and mountain heat, and the significance of staying hydrated. Adding an exciting twist to the conversation, Todd recounts a captivating tale about the unexpected sounds of gunshots and exploding fireworks around the fourth of July in his new neighborhood. In a reflective segment of our talk, Cathy shares some personal anecdotes about her upbringing, touching on her earliest memories, the dynamics of growing up with two families, and the invaluable blessings of having her mom for 33 years. The conversation takes an enlightening turn as we examine the traditional Mexican family upbringing, the struggle with anxiety, and the evolving expectations parents have for their children. On the topic of organization, Cathy and I discuss how Feng Shui and decluttering can improve mental clarity, productivity, and overall well-being. We analyze the psychological impacts of a cluttered environment, highlighting how simple organizational changes can result in significant improvements in focus and performance. Rounding off the conversation, we explore the connection between energy, well-being, and organization, touching on the potentially harmful effects of OCD. Don't miss out on this fascinating discussion filled with personal anecdotes, enlightening insights, and useful tips for a more organized and balanced life.To learn more about Cathy Perez, please visit: Cathy Perez Instagram
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  • 5. Episode 058 - An Exploration into Personal Transformation with Danny Cardenas

    Ever wondered how the power of discipline and personal transformation can shape life? Join our enriching conversation with Danny Boy Cardenas as we journey through memory lane back to his childhood days, the family dynamics that played a pivotal role in his life, and his fear of flying that surprisingly turns out to be a defining characteristic of his travel experiences.Immerse yourself into the thought-provoking discussion that unearths the influence of society and trust. Gain insight into how crime and societal progression have impacted human interactions and how these experiences have shaped our perceptions. Also, we delve deep into the human condition, the significance of gut feelings, and the guilt associated with not following them. Wrap up the conversation with Danny's transformative plans of starting an agency in the field of AI, automation, and marketing. We also touch upon potential collaborations that could bring forth a myriad of opportunities. So sit back, tune in, and explore this enlightening journey as we share, learn, and grow together!(0:00:02) - Childhood Memories and Family DynamicsDanny was born in Washington DC, moved to Bolivia at 4, has two brothers, and has a fear of flying.(0:13:55) - Discipline and Personal TransformationDanny and I discuss discipline, team sports, consistency, dedication, and the Herbalife diet.(0:26:17) - Changing Perceptions of Society and TrustExploring crime's progression and its effect on society, I share a personal story of near victimization and the decline of openness.(0:36:57) - The Power of Following Your GutWe discuss understanding the human condition, taking action, and following our gut to create good in our lives.(0:43:30) - Importance of Mind, Body, SpiritWe discuss taking pride in ourselves, trusting ourselves, physical fitness, and making a commitment to change.(0:56:52) - Expressing Gratitude and Discussing Possible CollaborationDanny and I discussed team building, energy exchange, AI, automation, marketing, and collaboration.To learn more about Danny Cárdenas, please visit:
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    What does it take to reshape your life after a tragedy? How do you transition from being self-conscious to self-aware? Find answers to these profound queries as we journey with our guest, Martin Salama. He opens up about the tragedy that shaped his life at a tender age - the loss of his five-year-old brother, Michael. This poignant conversation provides a glimpse into the world of grief, how it changed Martin's life, and eventually shaped him into becoming a people pleaser. Martin also explores the transformative power of kindness and community service, inspired by his father's noble acts of transforming apartment buildings into homes for senior citizens.Our episode takes a deeper dive into the realm of personal growth and self-discovery, as Martin recounts his transformative journey after taking charge of his health. Discover how Martin moved from being self-conscious to self-aware, using tools like meditation and his unique LIFE acronym - Live Incredibly Full Every Day. He shares his wisdom on achieving goals through his Cycle of A's technique and emphasizes the significance of adopting an attitude of gratitude and a meaningful mantra to kickstart your day. We round off this enlightening episode with an honest chat about resilience. Hear Martin recount his journey of overcoming adversity, navigating through a challenging divorce, and mustering the courage to chase his dreams. Martin’s story stands as testament to human resilience and the power of personal growth. We hope his story inspires you to face life's trials with grace and determination. Tune in to this heartfelt episode and let Martin's story inspire you to conquer your battles.(0:00:01) - Conversation With Martin SalamaMartin and Todd discuss growing up in Brooklyn, tragedy, aging parent, and the power of human connection.(0:06:08) - Childhood Memories and Community BondsMartin and Todd reflect on their childhood in Brooklyn and current lives in Henderson, Nevada, exploring the Sephardic Jewish community, driving through Harlem, growing up in a big family, and the importance of service.(0:11:01) - The Impact of Tragedy and TransformationMartin reflects on the 40 years of people-pleasing that followed his brother's death, and how his parents found solace and gave back to the community.(0:18:45) - Community Involvement and Personal GrowthMartin's journey of self-discovery led to his commitment to integrity, learning lessons from the Landmark Forum and making decisions based on his values.(0:30:23) - Overcoming Adversity and Personal GrowthFaced divorce, depression, courage, therapy, coaching, family/friends support, created new life.(0:39:01) - Transformation From Coaching to Self-AwarenessMartin used meditation to become self-aware, creating LIFE to Live Incredibly Full Every Day, and respecting women's strength as warriors.(0:45:33) - Transforming Mindsets for Personal GrowthMartin shares Ask, Act, Attitude technique to reach goals, gratitude, meaningful mantra, self-discovery, abundance mindset, and - Ability to Guide and Inspire OthersMartin shares courage to pursue dreams, Cycle of A's technique, releasing emotions, self-discovery, positive attitude, and helping people convert lives.To learn more about Martin Salama, please visit:
  • 3. Episode 56 - Unleashing the Power of EFT Tapping

    Have you ever wondered how life's most painful experiences can shape and strengthen you into the person you're meant to be? Journey with us as we welcome our remarkable guest, Ann Hince, who unveils her compelling personal story of adoption, alcoholism, abandonment, and loss. Ann's story starts as a six-week-old baby adopted into an alcoholic family and spans continents, from England to Barbados, painting a vivid picture of her struggles and survival.Ann bravely shares her traumatic experiences, including a terrifying house fire, a strained relationship with her adoptive brother, and her mother's shocking death. Her story takes a twist when her birth mother reappears during her teens, adding another layer to her complex emotional tapestry. We also delve into the darker aspects of Anne's coming of age, such as her fear of venturing out and the unimaginable grief of losing her brother to alcohol-induced organ failure.This episode climaxes with Ann's exploration of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or tapping - a healing tool that helped her release long-held trauma and stress. Discover how Ann transformed her life through tapping, shedding light on her emotional landscape, releasing trapped energy, and ultimately finding inner peace. This conversation with Ann Hince is a testament to human resilience and the power of emotional healing, offering hope to anyone weathering life's storms. Join us for a conversation that promises to stir your heart, challenge your perspectives, and inspire your spirit.(0:00:04) - Adopted, Travels, and Childhood TraumaAnn shares her story of adoption, the culture of drinking in England, and her struggles with alcoholic parents.(0:07:25) - Childhood Memories and Life TraumasAnn shares her traumatic childhood experience of a house fire, growing up in multiple countries, and her mother's death.(0:13:52) - Healing From Trauma and Family AbandonmentAnn recounts her fear of leaving the house, difficult relationship with her brother, and his eventual death from alcohol abuse.(0:28:37) - The Power and Process of TappingAnn shares how EFT tapping helps release energy, open the subconscious, and become aware of emotions.(0:43:12) - Embracing Emotions and Releasing EnergyAnn shares how EFT tapping can help release stuck energy, become aware of emotions, and attract peace.(0:53:46) - Releasing Tension and Raising AwarenessAnn shares her experience with EFT tapping to release tension, grow taller, and increase awareness.(1:08:56) - Exploring Emotional Freedom TechniqueAnn Hince shares EFT tapping to help transition at end of life, emphasizing awareness, acceptance, and release.(1:15:08) - Transformative Health and SpiritualityEFT helps release tension, transition to healthier state, and find support through mentors and community.To learn more about Ann Hince, please visit: or visit her YouTube channel to learn EFT Tapping technique right now:
  • 2. Episode 55 - Healing from a Toxic Family: Susan Gold's Journey to Freedom

    Life can throw us curveballs that we never asked for. I had the privilege of sitting down with Susan Gold, a brave woman who has a story that would make anyone stop and think. Having grown up in a family riddled with addiction and mental health issues in rural Montana, Susan encountered her fair share of challenges. We delved into her toxic family dynamics, the heartache brought on by her grandmother's death, and her relationship with her father that was both unusual and pivotal.Susan's journey takes us through a maze of family dysfunction and greed, propelling us into her decision to seek justice and let go of the past. Her road to healing wasn't easy, but with resilience and courage, she managed to create her own path. In her pursuit of justice, Susan was sexually harassed in the workplace. However, with the help of her client, Barbara Walters, she was able to address the situation. The experience led her to open her own talent brokerage firm, carving out a space for her to grow and thrive.Yet, Susan's story is not just about overcoming hardships. It's also about healing and forgiveness. We explored the therapeutic process and the tools that Susan used to manage her emotions and regain control of her life. She also shared the role of self-care in her journey and how her experiences led her to write her book, "Toxic Family: Transforming Childhood Trauma Into Adult Freedom". Her book provides valuable insight and exercises for others who find themselves in similar situations. Join us as we navigate through Susan's journey, a testament to her strength and resilience.(0:00:02) - Personal Stories and Life ExperiencesSusan grew up in a family of addiction and mental health issues, an old soul, intuitive, telepathic, and an empath; her middle brother was her role model until he left.(0:12:30) - Relationship With FatherMy dad's visit bonded us, providing a male role model and helping me cope with toxic family members.(0:16:19) - Family's Toxic Dynamics and DivisionSusan's family dynamics changed, her grandmother was a stable force, her brother's visit caused distrust, and her girlfriend helped her grandmother realize her mother couldn't be trusted.(0:25:36) - Family Dysfunction and GreedSusan's family dynamics changed, creating toxic boundaries, allowing her to forgive and cherish memories.(0:31:07) - Seeking Justice and Letting GoSusan Gold's journey of empowerment, Barbara Walters' support, and the importance of processing negative experiences are discussed.(0:47:20) - Overcoming Toxic Family Dynamics & HealingSusan Gold's journey of self-care, therapeutic process, and connecting with her client Barbara Walters are discussed.(1:03:16) - Recommendation for Toxic Family BookSusan Gold discussed transforming childhood trauma, therapeutic process, and tools for freedom.To learn more about Susan Gold, please visit: