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Episode 025 Cancer Surviving Cop

Season 1, Ep. 25

We are joined today by Terry Tucker (age 62) in Denver, Colorado. A former patrol officer, SWAT negotiator and undercover cop, Terry shares his story of danger as a law enforcement officer and his eventual struggle with cancer. Todd and Terry talk about drugs and the greed that drives abuse. Born in Southside of Chicago, he is the oldest of 3 brothers. He started out playing NCAA division one basketball as a person who stands 6 foot 8 inches tall. Professionally, he started out at Wendys corporate and ended up pivoting into law enforcement - despite his father not wanting him to pursue a career in law enforcement. He waited until his passing to pursue this new career. Todd shares his appreciation for law enforcement officers and believes they get a bad rap due to misconceptions in society.

Terry shares perspectives as a police officer, his desire to serve and various personal stories. He expresses how traumatizing shooting someone is and the impact it has on a police officer. He shares how this sort of experience impacts the life of the shooter forever. Terry recounts stories from his first calls as a law enforcement officer. Todd shares a couple of stories from his past experiences with marijuana in high school. Terry talks about his progression throughout the ranks of law enforcement and how that evolved into creating a school security consulting company to help protect schools from violent encounters. We talk about Uvalde and why it's become so important for schools to have a plan and resources to protect the lives of it's students and faculty.

Terry shares how drugs, alcohol and mental illness cause the need for law enforcement protection. He also shares from his perspective how the media changes the dynamics and facts in various situations. Todd shares a story about his experience with The Landmark Forum and how it taught him to live in true integrity, eliminate filters we see the world through, and how it changed his perspective forever.

His battle with cancer started about 10 years ago and talks about surviving amputation and dealing with the challenges of the disease. He talks about the details of his struggle and how Faith in something bigger than himself has helped him. Todd shares details about Royal Rife and The Rife Machine, as well as how he learned about homeopathy and the effectiveness of essential oils. We discuss how the body operates on a frequency response cycle. Todd shares details about The Water Experiment and how our thoughts impact our physical health and dynamics.

Terry shares how he wished for death and found strength and life through God. He discusses how he chose to live and face the challenges he had been dealt. He reminds to be careful what you think because it has a lasting impact on life. It's important to make something positive out of negative thoughts. Todd talks about his battle with depression and the dark hole he fought to escape. Terry shares how he went from "glass half empty" to "glass half full" mentality. He states that changing the narrative with positive thoughts and outcomes helps to change your perspective. We must keep hope alive.

In his book "Sustainable Excellence - 10 principles to leading your uncommon and extraordinary life", Terry discusses why it's important to discover your unique gifts and purpose in life. His sense of purpose in helping others through his unique experiences led him to write the book. Terry defines success as "piece of mind that is the direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing that you did your best to become the best of what you are capable of becoming". He reminds that people comparing themselves to others can interfere with the ability to understand and achieve success.

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  • 23. Episode 077 - Small Town Roots to Estate Planning Truths

    The heart of Mississippi opened up to us as Scherrie Prince recounted tales from the intimate corridors of her upbringing and the profound experiences that shaped her journey. Our conversation meandered through the small town of Durand, painting a picture of family bonds tightened in the wake of tragedy, the innocence of childhood marked by both joy and misadventure, and the lasting impressions left by sibling dynamics. As Cherie shared her story of receiving a long-desired white canopy bed and the subsequent family house fire, it was a stark reminder of how the threads of family and memory are intricately woven into the fabric of who we become.Within the sanctity of the church and the warmth of familial ties, we discovered how one's life purpose is often carved out. Cherie's voice carried the resonant echoes of lessons learned from loved ones, and in a touching, imagined conversation with her late mother, the depth of gratitude for sacrifices made resonated deeply. Grandparents, with their unique blend of wisdom and love, emerged as unsung heroes in the narrative of our lives. We even took a detour into the unexpected, recounting Cherie's surprising twist on a game show, revealing how such moments leave an indelible mark on our personal history.Navigating the more pragmatic waters of inheritance disputes and the importance of asset protection, the dialogue shifted to underscore the pitfalls of inaction in estate planning. My legal background offered a backdrop to the tales of familial discord, emphasizing the necessity of clear communication to preserve both assets and relationships. As Cherie advised on her "Play Big Faster" philosophy, it became clear that proactively securing one's legacy is not merely a legal matter but a crucial step in honoring our stories and the people who are part of them.(0:00:02) - Family, Childhood Memories and RelationshipsCherie shares her Mississippi upbringing, family dynamics, and childhood memories, including a dramatic event involving her brother.(0:15:09) - Lessons, Family, PurposeEmbracing life's journey, family and church influence, gratitude for mother's sacrifices, impact of grandparents, childhood memories, and participating in a game show.(0:29:44) - Inheritance Disputes and Family ConflictFamily conflicts over inheritance, legal challenges among minority farmers, and personal struggles after a relative's death.(0:39:16) - Business Asset Protection and Estate PlanningBusiness acumen and legal expertise intersect in asset protection and estate planning for entrepreneurs and individuals.(0:50:38) - Inaction's Cost in Estate PlanningCOI in estate planning: importance of being proactive, role of legal counsel, emotional toll and potential for deception within families.(1:00:37) - Play Big FasterEntrepreneurship requires balance and action, as discussed by Cherie on the Play Big Faster podcast.To learn more about Scherrie Prince, please visit:
  • 22. Episode 075 - The Power of Passion in Dick Wybrow's Artistic Life

    The Power of Passion in Dick Wybrow's Artistic Life Embark on a temporal trek with the ever-entertaining Dick Wybrow, who beams in from Auckland, New Zealand's future timezone to grace the Toddcast Show with tales of life's unexpected hilarity and the pursuit of genuine artistry. Discover the power of passion in Wybrow, with his backstory more colorful than a patchwork quilt, offers laughter as we dissect the peculiarities of his name and the harsh realities behind lottery-funded education. As our conversation wends through the landscape of today's society, Dick and I ponder the scarcity of sincerity, sharing stories that underscore the necessity of staying true to oneself amidst a maze of facades.This episode is a creativity cornucopia, with Wybrow detailing his rollercoaster ride from a reluctant author to an Amazon chart-topper, all while battling the soporific grip of narcolepsy. Our chat takes a sharp turn into the stand-up comedy scene, where immediacy and audience reactions forge a fiery trial for any storyteller. Yet, it's the indelible bond between radio host and listener, akin to that of a writer and reader, that truly captivates. Dick recounts his radio days with nostalgia, painting a vivid picture of personal triumphs and setbacks that resonate with anyone who's ever dared to chase their dreams.As we wind down, the episode is peppered with musings on the random hand of luck, the power of mentorship, and the delectable joys of shared human experiences, from spine-tingling spider encounters to the comfort of a Taco Bell feast. Wybrow reflects on how personal relationships can transform creative endeavors, and gives us a sneak peek at his upcoming book where a wolf-man protagonist offers a refreshingly naïve take on human quirks. The camaraderie between Dick and me is palpable, leaving listeners with a promise of more enriching conversations to come. Join us for an episode that's as much a celebration of life's rich tapestry as it is a nod to the creative spirit that dwells within us all.To learn more about Dick Wybrow, please visit:
  • 21. Episode 074 - Christian Yordanov's Path to Purpose

    Christian Yordanov's Path to PurposeEver wonder what life was like under communist rule in Bulgaria, and how such experiences shape a person's future? Discover Christian Yordanov's path to purpose. Our guest, Christian Yordanov, gives us a deeply personal and enlightening glimpse into his life journey. From his early memories of hardships like standing in queues for bread to his current life in Portugal, Christian paints a vivid picture of survival and resilience.Christian's path is not just about overcoming adversity, it's also about self-discovery and transformation. As he unfolds his journey of finding his identity amidst parties, skipping classes, and his unanticipated avoidance of the mafia, you'll witness a narrative of raw human experience. His journey of transitioning from bar work to personal training, kickboxing, and ultimately the world of IT, unveils the crucial role of passion and purpose in one's life.But the story doesn't end there. Christian's foray into health and fitness, ignited by his diet changes and fueled further by his wife's health issues, reflects the profound impact of personal experiences on career choices. His approach of combining science and ancestral living to improve his clients' health is inspirational. Trust us, you wouldn't want to miss out on this riveting conversation with Christian. Come, share in his journey, and who knows - you might find some wisdom applicable to your own life.Christian Yordanov's Path to Purpose(0:00:02) - Bulgarian Life Journey and Living ConditionsChristian Yordanov shares his life journey growing up in communist Bulgaria and now living in Portugal with his family.(0:16:17) - Influences and Experiences Shaping IdentityThe speaker reflects on their family's entrepreneurial spirit, their childhood intelligence, and high school experiences.(0:22:34) - Reflections on Youthful Behavior and Self-ImprovementHigh school experiences influence future choices, emphasizing the importance of taking action in the present and avoiding delusion in achieving goals.(0:30:10) - Discovering Health and Finding PurposeA health enthusiast's journey from bar work to personal training and IT, discovering the importance of diet, lifestyle, and environment in achieving optimal well-being.(0:43:51) - Impacting Health Through Science and NatureNature's role in improving health, reducing stress, and using light therapy for healing, with a belief in a higher power.(0:51:22) - Appreciation for Guest and Future EpisodesChristian shares his journey to self-discovery and creating a family, emphasizing the importance of overcoming challenges for happiness.To learn more about Christian Yordanov, please click here: