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Episode 025 Cancer Surviving Cop

Season 1, Ep. 25

We are joined today by Terry Tucker (age 62) in Denver, Colorado. A former patrol officer, SWAT negotiator and undercover cop, Terry shares his story of danger as a law enforcement officer and his eventual struggle with cancer. Todd and Terry talk about drugs and the greed that drives abuse. Born in Southside of Chicago, he is the oldest of 3 brothers. He started out playing NCAA division one basketball as a person who stands 6 foot 8 inches tall. Professionally, he started out at Wendys corporate and ended up pivoting into law enforcement - despite his father not wanting him to pursue a career in law enforcement. He waited until his passing to pursue this new career. Todd shares his appreciation for law enforcement officers and believes they get a bad rap due to misconceptions in society.

Terry shares perspectives as a police officer, his desire to serve and various personal stories. He expresses how traumatizing shooting someone is and the impact it has on a police officer. He shares how this sort of experience impacts the life of the shooter forever. Terry recounts stories from his first calls as a law enforcement officer. Todd shares a couple of stories from his past experiences with marijuana in high school. Terry talks about his progression throughout the ranks of law enforcement and how that evolved into creating a school security consulting company to help protect schools from violent encounters. We talk about Uvalde and why it's become so important for schools to have a plan and resources to protect the lives of it's students and faculty.

Terry shares how drugs, alcohol and mental illness cause the need for law enforcement protection. He also shares from his perspective how the media changes the dynamics and facts in various situations. Todd shares a story about his experience with The Landmark Forum and how it taught him to live in true integrity, eliminate filters we see the world through, and how it changed his perspective forever.

His battle with cancer started about 10 years ago and talks about surviving amputation and dealing with the challenges of the disease. He talks about the details of his struggle and how Faith in something bigger than himself has helped him. Todd shares details about Royal Rife and The Rife Machine, as well as how he learned about homeopathy and the effectiveness of essential oils. We discuss how the body operates on a frequency response cycle. Todd shares details about The Water Experiment and how our thoughts impact our physical health and dynamics.

Terry shares how he wished for death and found strength and life through God. He discusses how he chose to live and face the challenges he had been dealt. He reminds to be careful what you think because it has a lasting impact on life. It's important to make something positive out of negative thoughts. Todd talks about his battle with depression and the dark hole he fought to escape. Terry shares how he went from "glass half empty" to "glass half full" mentality. He states that changing the narrative with positive thoughts and outcomes helps to change your perspective. We must keep hope alive.

In his book "Sustainable Excellence - 10 principles to leading your uncommon and extraordinary life", Terry discusses why it's important to discover your unique gifts and purpose in life. His sense of purpose in helping others through his unique experiences led him to write the book. Terry defines success as "piece of mind that is the direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing that you did your best to become the best of what you are capable of becoming". He reminds that people comparing themselves to others can interfere with the ability to understand and achieve success.

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Episode 037 Believe In Yourself

Season 1, Ep. 37
Bob LeMent (56), Host of Static Radio, joins us from St. Louis, Missouri. Born in Decatur, Illinois, he recalls growing up in the late 70s and 80s with both parents married. He recounts that all of his relatives are divorced, except for his parents, who stayed together until his father died not too long ago. He has an older brother. Bob's earliest childhood memory is with his Grandfather on the boat dock on the lake at age 3, fishing from his Grandparent's property. He remembers using a stick, a string, and a bent pen his Grandfather made for him. He remembers enjoying working in the garden and playing cards and games with his Grandparents. We explore some of his fondest memories of this time in his life.As a youngster, Bob was sickly and often stayed with his Grandparents by design. He struggled with asthma at this time. He had Chihuahuas growing up, which did not affect his asthma. Todd shares that Chihuahuas come from a crossbreed of a sewer rat and a Doberman Pincher. Bob shares that his Mother still inhabits his childhood home. He reflects that a stable home life helped keep him from harder-edged life experiences. We discuss drug addiction and the issues of choosing this path. His family was always there for him.Bob reminds Todd he is likely not the reason for all this and that an issue has many components. Depression is a version serious situation that needs to be addressed. Todd misses his family and his inability to compromise and close with them. He would enjoy talking with his estranged family members but realizes they think differently. Bob reflects on his relationships in high school and when he gets into dating around age 17, the same age he graduated high school. He used to have long, curly hair and was constantly mistaken for a heavy metal musician, but he never practiced an instrument. If he were to, he would sing by choice. Bob didn't find his direction in life until age 28. As a 20+-year veteran of broadcasting, Bob is exploring the Podcast world to enjoy communicating with others. He enjoys working alone and is very technically minded. He shares the air currently with his co-host Miles on his radio show of 24 years. Bob currently works at a non-profit helping people and enjoys being in the background, enabling others to do their thing. Bob reminds us that moderation is key in all things. Knowing your limits and staying within them is vital to stay on track. Todd talks about how he discovered marijuana at age 11 and the positive impact of that experience throughout life. He continues with a story about his first LSD trip on a Halloween night in Southern California in High School. That changed his life in truly amazing ways, changing many things in ways that seemed genuinely magical. He talks about how he became a vegetarian and what acid did to resolve issues in astounding ways.We discuss Timothy Leary and the potential to broaden thought with LSD. Bob ends with a funny story about being sober and dealing with two girlfriends on LSD. Todd talks about how he used to ride around on his bicycle in the forests of Humboldt county in college on LSD without lights and the adventures of his earlier years along those lines.The best advice in life Bob shares is to believe in yourself. You don't have to be the best at anything; you just have to do something you like. What matters is that you enjoy it, not that you become something. Never compare yourself to others. Be there for yourself. No one else will. Don't be afraid or ashamed to ask for and seek help when you need it.Bob has no agenda and nothing to promote. Go check him out!To learn more about Bob LeMent, please visit:

Episode 036 Achieve Unlimited Success

Season 1, Ep. 36
Nicky Billou (55) joins us today from Toronto, Ontario, Canada to discuss the journey and sacrifice to achieve unlimited success. As a Christian, Nicky seeks to help and love others through his various gifts. Born in Iran, he recalls being in school as a young child running around...and used to get mad at others and kick them in the shins. He got in trouble a lot as a child. Punishments were severe and direct when he did something wrong. He recalls living in Iran under the Shaw was great until the new regime took over during the Islamic Revolution. He was 11 at the time. His family spent 4 years on their journey to Canada, by way of Athens Greece. His mother worked as an ER nurse and then managed the bookstore where Nicky attended school. Nicky went to an American school in Iran, with a diverse mix of cultures in attendance.His parents were married for 55 years and always expected a lot from Nicky and his two brothers. This made him pursue success in a bold way throughout his life. We discuss how violence is sometimes the answer in defense of someone or something. Nicky shares how he feels we are living in the "weak man era" and how we need more people to step up before society collapses altogether. We discuss the importance of overcoming fear in life. When he first arrived in Canada, he found it difficult to adjust, which lasted for several years. He missed Iran which made it hard to acclimate to a new Country. He recalls how loyalty was the glue between people in Iran. He didn't notice these values in Canadian people for quite some time. Eventually, he found his stride and became comfortable living in Canada.Nicky recounts how his parents worked hard to assimilate and become connected to their new culture. We discuss generational differences in relationships and the effort to destabilize western society and diminish manhood, patriotic viewpoints, and traditional values. We discuss the book of Revelations and Todd admits he would rather it all be a big surprise when Jesus comes to take us home. Nicky was very much into music and reading during his teen years. We discuss the value and beauty of a connection to God and the importance of it in life. Todd shares his love of the author Richard Bach and how the book Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah influenced him in his teen years.Helping people is Nicky's passion and he is very good at it. He helps people add zeroes to their income, become physically fit, and enhance life in many ways. He shares how sometimes people in business are good at what they do but do not understand how to run a thriving business. Nicky helps people accomplish this through teaching and coaching. We talk about how sometimes people are afraid to ask for the money they deserve and must focus on the help they provide to others - that warrants the value of their service.People buy their way out of something, not into something. What we do must address the pain someone is having and provide a solution to it. Discuss how you will help others, not the product or service you have to sell. Don't undervalue your service offering. Expectancy bias provides for a higher price for higher-value solutions. Narrow your focus and don't generalize or try to serve everyone. Answer the question "how does what you do help me"?Nicky can help you become an entrepreneur and create a roadmap to unlimited success by understanding what you need to do to get where you want to be. He will help you find your reason why and what to do to make things grow. He gets real with his clients and helps people find the way to their success. "Seek the truth and the truth shall set you free". Nicky wraps up with a heartwarming story...To learn more about Nicky Billou, please visit:

Episode 035 True Healing Matters

Season 1, Ep. 35
Dr Carolle Jean-Murat, Author, Diabetic Consultant, OBGYN, Surgeon, Healer, and Todd's long-lost cousin, joins us in a special episode that breaks from the tradition of the show. After 20 years of not communicating, Todd reached out to Dr. Carolle over the holiday season, apologized, and asked for forgiveness to reconnect and share our familial bond. She explains the importance of forgiveness and love in all relationships. She is a deeply spiritual person by nature and recalls the reasons why chose to take Todd's phone call after 20 years. Dr. Carolle describes the joy she felt hearing from Todd after so long and that she was touched by the courage of reaching out to call her. We shared the thankfulness of making the connection again and how it felt from both sides. We fight toxic emotions when we seek forgiveness and apology. Todd shares the joy and gift of being accepted again by Dr. Carolle. They recount the connection they share and that it took strength to reconnect again. Dr. Carolle was born in Port Au Prince, Haiti. Her grandfather was a very well known healer, voodoo priest, and herbalist. Her grandmother was a very stong, renaissance woman who reinforced the belief that she could do anything in her life that she wanted to. She shares that her gifts come from her family. After battling a terrible illness, she was healed and became determined to practice medicine and heal others. She attended a prestigious private school in Haiti, was a volleyball star, and even made it to the Olympics but through a strange coincidence was not able to compete. We discuss our ancestry and both being descendants of Napoleon Bonaparte and Joachim Murat. We discuss the gift of healing and how it works "without the knife". Dr. Carolle discusses how a person must ask to be healed and to believe it is possible. She shares her first hands-on healing experience with a patient and the series of events that occurred. Her healing gifts come from her Grandfather and she is proud and thankful to share this gift with others. She recounts that the Holy Spirit is the focus of asking for the healing process. Healing is a choice that a recipient can receive or deny, based on belief. She shares that she is simply a conduit of God and the power of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Todd shares a story about his late father literally removing a lung tumor through spiritual and mysterious means back in 1970. His father was brought in for surgery and told the doctors "the tumor is gone", and eventually the doctors agreed to x-ray his chest again and sure enough - the tumor was gone, literally overnight. His father's story inspires Todd to believe in the power of natural and spiritual healing. Dr. Carolle's latest writings address spiritual healing practices and lead the reader to understand how to receive the healing in an effective manner. Todd shares that he struggles with his estranged family members for what they did and finally realized he can forgive without having to forget. For him, this was a tough distinction to make and took decades to finally realize. He often wonders how family can destroy itself in the manner his did. Dr. Carolle wraps up sharing that she intends to continue her journey through education and ongoing healing for others. Her books are a valuable resource for anyone seeking true healing and to escape the mind-body-spirit loop of negativity that often creates disease. She shares that everyone knows the "why" of disease and just need to find it to enable healing. Through forgiveness and love, this gift is accessible to all who seek it.To learn more about Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat, please visit: