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The Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented (TAGT) Podcast

Student Achievement and Underachievement: A Conversation with Del Siegle

Season 2, Ep. 1

This season brings a whole new group of G/T thought leaders to the mic. Highlighting topics ranging from personal G/T experiences to student underachievement and more! Tune in every Thursday for the rest of the season to hear these relevant and timely episodes.

On this episode, meet Del Siegle, the Lynn and Ray Neag Chair for Gifted Education and Talent Development School of Education at the University of Connecticut. Siegle is also one of the creators of the Achievement-Orientation Model, a model that explores four different elements; meaningfulness, self-efficacy, environmental perception, and self-regulation. Hear from Siegle himself about student achievement, underachievement, and the connection between the two.

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  • 1. Why TAGT: A Conversation with TAGT Executive Director Paulina van Eeden Hill

    Beginning season 4 of the TAGT Podcast, get an inside look into the inner workings of TAGT as host Michael Flusche interviews the TAGT Executive Director, Paulina van Eeden Hill. Together they discuss TAGT's mission to connect and empower parents and educators to meet the unique needs of gifted individuals. Their conversation covers building a community, providing professional learning opportunities, and advocating for gifted students at the state level. They also explore the challenges in gifted education across states, focusing on Texas's support and resources. Tune in to hear about all that TAGT has to offer!Suggested Resourceswww.tempo.txgifted.orgwww.txgifted.orgThis episode of the TAGT Podcast was sponsored by our friends at Renzulli
  • 8. Why Mental Health Matters: A Conversation with Heather Lambert, Chris Thomas, and Martha Thomas

    How can adults connect with students facing emotional trauma and understand their needs in times of crisis? What can we do to help high-achieving students feel safe enough to be vulnerable and honest with adult educators? Join Emily Kircher-Morris, host of the Neurodiversity Podcast, for a live, guest-hosted podcast interview with Heather Lambert, a former G/T educator and counselor specializing in student trauma, and Martha and Chris Thomas, co-founders of The Defensive Line organization, which focuses on suicide prevention in young people of color. Walk away with a deeper understanding of how neurodiversity and achievement impact students’ mental health and how educators can provide resources and support for students in their schools and classrooms.Suggested ResourcesTDL Plan Of Action WorksheetText HOME to 741741 to connect with a volunteer Crisis CounselorThe Gifted Learner And Mental HealthCall 988 to talk to the Suicide and Crisis LifelineLearn More About Chris and Martha ThomasThe Defensive LineLearn More About Heather Lambertwww.heatherlambert.orgLearn More About Emily Kircher-MorrisThe Neurodiversity Podcastwww.emilykirchermorris.comThis episode of the TAGT Podcast was sponsored by our friends at Renzulli
  • 7. Effective Goal Setting for 2e Learners: A Conversation with Vicki Phelps

    Join Vicki Phelps on this week's podcast episode. Vicki is the Head of School for Quest Academy, a preK-8 grade gifted independent school in Palatine, IL, and she has over 20 years of experience in gifted education. Vicki is passionate about providing professional learning and consultation services to help districts improve their gifted practice. In this episode, she shares insights on twice-exceptional (2e) learners and why educators in gifted education need to be mindful of this important population. She also highlights the impact of effective goal setting for 2e learners.(Note: Since the time of this recording, Vicki has changed her position from Assistant Professor at Milligan University to Head of School for Quest Academy.)Learn More About Vicki episode of the TAGT Podcast was sponsored by our friends at Renzulli
  • 6. Complex Social and Emotional Needs: A Conversation with Thomas Hebert

    In this podcast episode, Thomas Hebert, a Professor of Gifted and Talented Education at the University of South Carolina, explores the complex task of addressing the social and emotional needs of gifted students. As educators face challenging issues like social unrest, economic uncertainty, and widespread feelings of hopelessness, Herbert shares his insights on how to support these students. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of the social and emotional lives of gifted students.Learn More About Thomas and Staff page at the University of South CarolinaThis episode of the TAGT Podcast was sponsored by our friends at Renzulli
  • 5. Developing Memory & Creativity: A Conversation with Joyce Juntune

    Many gifted students raised in poverty face memory development delays which can impact their ability to learn. This week on the TAGT Podcast, hear from a current graduate and undergraduate teacher of courses in educational psychology, child development, intelligence, and creativity, Joyce Juntune. Hear from Joyce as she helps to better articulate how memory works, how it’s developed, and some suggestions on strategies to help students of any age better develop their memory.Learn more about Joyce episode of the TAGT Podcast was sponsored by our friends at Renzulli
  • 4. Culturally Responsive Leaders: A Conversation with Javetta Jones Roberson

    Culturally responsive leaders and teachers who work with diverse student populations are an important part of any educational program. Dr. Javetta Jones Roberson, District Coordinator of Secondary Advanced Academics & Gifted and Talented in McKinney ISD shares her own professional journey as well as a few leadership strategies and resources aiding in implementing culturally responsive practices in gifted and advanced placement programs.Learn more about Javetta episode of the TAGT Podcast was sponsored by our friends at Renzulli